Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Up early and had my coffee at the campground, the boys again slept in until after 07:00AM, then had breakfast, and did some bike riding. I got the trailer ready for travel, and we headed for the Weeb Ranch about 10:00PM.

Got the fiver back on it’s pad where except for a good cleaning and replacing the two batteries, it will be ready for our Vacation trip to Wisconsin. It was good to have a few days at the Lake and get a chance to check all the systems and have time to spend with the boys.

Because of the high temperatures the boys and I have spent the last three days from noon until 05:00PM, either in the pool or the lake to stay cool,needless to say the heat and all day swimming has taken it’s toll and all three of us have had no trouble sleeping a good nights sleep.

I took the boys back to Warrenton this afternoon, and came back and will just chill the rest of the day. I have to decide on replacing my batteries with two deep cell 6 volts in series. Anyone who has done this who cares to comment it will be appreciated.

That’s about it for today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. We were in Houston - 101
    We were in Alabama - 100
    Thought we would catch a break here in NJ - 98. Not much of a break. But cooler today. Sam, all those days I sure wish I had a nice cool pool or lake available. Sounds like time at the lake was just the tonic you all needed.

  2. The weather has cooled of here, but we still are having some rain move through. Rest up for the Wisconsin trip...and we'll see you Thursday!

  3. Hope the weather evens out for your upcoming trip! :)

  4. welcome back home!..have fun shopping for new batteries!!

  5. When we purchased our 5'er, we had them take out the 12V and replace with two 6's. Then, we added 2 more for the solar. Great idea, Sam.

  6. My son ditched his 12 V deep cycle and replaced it with 2 deep cycle 6 volt golf cart batteries.

    They boondock a bunch of the time and like to run the TV at night with an inverter. He has never ran the cart batteries flat.

    They do run a genny at times when they want to run 110v appliances, but just using lights and the fridge on LP and the water pump, the new batteries have never given out.

    His batteries charge from the truck when he is under way, and they went for almost a week that way without shore power.


  7. We have 4 6 volt batteries and 3 80watt solar panels. We love them and never use the on board generator. Mind you our inverter isn't big enough to run the A/C but then we rarely ever use it anyway.

    Kevin and Ruth