Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, June 3, 2011


It’s Friday and I was up early for coffee with my bride, then after she left for work at 05:30am. I started to read some blogs.

About 07:30AM I took advantage of the cooler morning temperatures and went down to the garage and fired up the compressor and jacked John Deere way up so I could change the blades under the deck. With that done I waited until about 10AM and then went out and started on the mowing, I got it done just as the temperature passed 95 degrees and I had about one more row along the driveway to do when the belt came off on the deck, Don’t know if it broke or flew off, but I was too hot and tired and sweaty to care for today, That will be another early morning job.

Went in and showered and then sat at the computer and I found out that Donna & I had won the RV Cover that Travel With Kevin & Ruth were giving away in a drawing, Their dog Whiskey who is one of Rigg’s blogger friends did the honor of pulling our number out of the hat.To say I was surprised at our good fortune is and understatement, I called Donna right away to share the good news and she was as excited as I was. We just don’t win things. She still buys a lottery ticket from Mo & Il.each week but in our entire married life have never had a winning ticket even for a couple of bucks.

I can’t express my gratitude more for Kevin & Ruth hosting this drawing, what a prize is all I can say.

This is something I have thought about since our last fiver developed a leak in the front cap and was the reason we traded it in. You know how life goes and  there has always been something else I needed the 3 or 4 hundred dollars for so the cover kept being put off, Now we can cover it if it is going to sit for anytime, like if we don’t use it in the winter.Maybe when we fulltime it won’t get as much use , but you can bet until them it will be a godsend. After I receive it I will do a review on it to let you all know how we like it.

Here is a link to show what we won. Empire Covers.

Now that it’s Friday I have an empty house again. Nicole is at Girl Scout Camp, and Adam is staying in Warrenton so he can celebrate his Mom’s birthday tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANA..

I will be making a pizza and having a couple High Life’s to celebrate here at the Weeb Ranch.

Well Thanks again Kevin & Ruth, also Whiskey, Rigg’s & Sadie says they will have your picture on the piano and when you come for a visit they will give you some doggie treats.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, it is supposed to be sunny and very hot all this weekend.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Way to go Sam that's good news and that cover will come in handy with our winter's here in MO.

  2. Congrats Sam!! I am sure the cover will be something you can put to good use!
    I sure wish these high high temps would ease a bit. I can't get motivated to do much when it is HOT!!

  3. Congrats on the big win. That cover is sure to come in handy.

  4. congrats on the big win!!..wow..that is better than a pair of mittens any day!

  5. Congrats, Sam and Donna. How great is that? Have a great week end.

  6. Glad to see that it is a prize that you will be able to use. Congrats on the win. Whiskey enjoyed the honor of pulling out your name.

    Kevin and Ruth