Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Up early for coffee, and then to see my bride of to the truck company, she will be going to the restaurant tonight, no rest before the trip in the morning. I spent the day going over my last minute list of stuff, medicines , dog food and treats all the things you put in the trailer last, a couple of ball caps.
Then I went out this afternoon while it was sunny and nice and hitched up and then reversed the direction of the rig so it is pointing head out.
              Looks leveled up and ready to roll.
Rigg’s the whole time was watching from the sun porch with that Oh boy, Oh boy look, He’s excited already about going camping with Mom & Dad.
Come about 06:00AM we will be heading northeast.
Our next post will be from Sandwich IL. We will get pictures along the way.
I’ll be like a kid waiting to hear reindeer on the roof Christmas eve. All night waiting for morning to get here. Maybe a couple of Miller High Lifes will put me to sleep.
Hope everyone is enjoying the week like we are., Donna is excited to. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Looking forward to reading about your trip. Drive safe!


  2. Have a safe trip, Sam and Donna. I'll forward to following along!

  3. As I read your blog I'm saluting you with a Miller High Life, and wishing you a safe and wonderful journey.

  4. It's about time you're 5th Wheel Vagabonds, for sure! :) I hope you both really enjoy your trip!

  5. safe travels Sam and Donna..and Riggs!..give a big hug to Dennis and Donna for us!!

  6. Safe travels! Will be fun to hear about your trip.

  7. Have fun, tell Karen Hi when you get there. We'll be at her place in July. Be safe. I'm looking forward to hearing about the trip and the RV parks.

  8. I know that great feeling of excited anticipation the night before rolling out in the morning. Just so great to get up, turn that key & head the rig out the driveway & down the road.

  9. Well.. it's 6 am on Thursday morning as I write this! You better be on the road!!!!

    See you guys in a few days when you get up this way. Looking forward to joining up with you two again, and the doggers are happy to show Riggens their river. Once he gets in, he won't wanna come out-----

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Can't wait to see you two...We are up and ready...

  11. Pretty exciting day! Have fun and a safe trip.