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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Notes.

Donna and I had our morning coffee and then it was off to the truck company, I know she dreads going each day and to see how happy she was and so stress free during our vacation makes me wish there was some way for her to retire and slow down, the darn health insurance issue is the stickler.
While we were up in Wisconsin on the 20th we heard about ED & MARYLYN-THE HAPPY  WANDERERS 5th wheel being destroyed by fire, what a tragedy and to think he had it almost extinguished and ran out of powder. what a heartbreaking thing. STEVEO and I were talking about it and since a wheel bearing looks to be the cause of the fire, I related how every summer I repack my bearings, and that on my list of things to buy before we are off fulltime was an infra red heat sensor that you point at the wheel and it reads the bearing temperature. Steveo said I have one of those and showed me his and how it works, well right before we left Wisconsin Steveo said look what I found and he had a Harbor Freight coupon for 50% off on a sensor instead of $59.99 it was $29.99. I thanked him and put it in my wallet. This morning I had some errands to run and remembered Harbor Freight Tools had a store in St Charles Mo. so I went there and sure enough they had the sensor and honored the coupon. Thank you Steveo it was like money in the bank. instead of putting it off it is now in the truck ready for duty.
infrared heat sensor06-28-11a
infrared heat sensor06-28-11b
                      Infrared Thermometer
My next purchase will be the generator I have been wanting, On the vacation I procrastinated and listened to my wife Donna who said we won’t need it there will be electric wherever we are going, well leaving DENNIS & DONNA"S the RV park we went to was having a power outage, 5 hours later still no power and Donna was showing breathing distress from the 90 degree heat and humidity, we had to move to another park. So that will be next on the priority list moved in front of the flat screen HD TV for the living room. 
That’s about it for today, planning on some cube steaks for supper before Donna goes back to the restaurant tomorrow night. Hope all is well out there in blogland with all our friends, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna……


  1. Very cool tool you purchased...and I LOVE coupons!!! I will tell Dennis about it...
    We carry a generator in our Hiker basement with the hopes of boon docking someday..Maybe next year in Arizona..wish...wish...wish..

  2. Ain't it amazin' how a little experiencing of somethin' y'all never thought of can change the way yer thinkin' about somethin' else. Sam, y'all can also look at it that without that there generator, if'n the electricity goes out and y'all ain't gots no generator, yer not gonna be watching that big screen TV anyway.

  3. I have one the laser for temps,also the Tioga has a genset and it can be running as we go down the road for the frig and roof top a/c.

  4. Very good idea to carry the infrared
    thermometer....you can't be too safe!

    I think you will really use the generator when you begin full-time. You never know when you might be able to put it to good use!

  5. I.M. makes a good point there!

  6. Hey Sam and Donna,
    John and I have decided to join the ranks of the uninsured. We aren't going to pay $30,000 a year just in case we get really sick. We'll just deal with it when and if it happens! You guys take care...

  7. I have a infared heat sensor gun, it works neat, I just have to remember to use it.... I also have a big 10K generator built into this Coach. I can touch a button from my bed and it will start.......Can you believe that? They have thought of everything. However I still have and keep my little Honda 2000i portable generator. They are just to good to give up and run very cheap...
    You'll get 'er figered out Sam..Take care...

  8. It's just too bad that an issue with health insurance keeps so many folks from being able to retire when they want to. I still don't understand why so many Americans want it to be that way instead of what virtually every other industrialized country does.

    Then again, what do I know?

  9. That looks like a great little tool - didn't know of such a thing so thanks for sharing.

    I agree that med insurance can sure be a problem - even after you reach retirement age. We have been having lots of problems with our Rx insurance...Grrr.

    Enjoy those cube steaks, sounds good.

  10. For tire safety, you might also consider Pressure Pro, which monitors the air pressure in each tire. I had two blowouts on my 5th wheel during the 5 years traveling solo, and now we have the Pressure Pro system on our motorhome and toad. We bought ours from Mike and Pat McFall, good friends and fellow bloggers. They are a great resource for info and support (not a commercial, just a recommendation).

    Hope Donna is able to retire soon. You two need to get away from that stress and enjoy full-time RVing! It's a wonderful life.

    I'm becoming your newest follower, and am amazed and impressed at the number of followers you have. Even more amazed at the number of blogs you follow! Thanks for your comments on mine.

  11. We love the solar panels as you know and wouldn't want to do without them. We have a generator but never use it.

    As for health insurance I agree with Levonne. Also when you're not working there is less stress which equals better health.

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. Glad you were able to find one and they accepted the coupon!

    Sometimes the coupons are in the AARP newspaper and the Good Sam magazine.

    If you are playing with that gun and happen to aim it at Donna's butt... just tell her she is One Hot Mama!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard