Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up early for coffee with the bride, last night before she went to bed, she baked some blueberry muffins so I would have a treat with my coffee. What a gal. She was off to the truck company. Then home as she is off from the restaurant tonight.

I decided to go to the other Wally World in Lake St Louis to see if they had a watch like the one of was going to buy yesterday. they did and it was the same price so I went ahead and bought it.I am holding on to the old one on the hopes that someday I find a small town jeweler that can replace the crystal. It is getting tough to find watches good to the depth of 100 meters. I really do like to be able to keep mine on in the water.

Another slow day around the ranch today, it is still a little to wet to cut grass but we have a nice sunny day going today, so maybe I will be able to start on it tomorrow.

The electric company had a tree trimming crew out and I asked them about cutting down a tree at the end of our driveway, if it would fall in a storm it would take the wires out. he looked at it and said yeah it’s pretty much dead except for the very top and they will be back in a day or so to take it out,  he said normally they cut anything at least 15 feet from the wire line on each side. But since this is so tall and dying it would pose a hazard to the wires.

That will sure save us a bunch of money, as it would be expensive to pay a tree service to remove it.

Nicole should be hitting the door anytime now, I’m waiting for Rigg’s to go to red alert and be at the door waiting for her.

Not much going on, it will be a good day for outside play for Nicole and Rigg’s like they did yesterday, first she went out with Sadie and Rigg’s was at the back door crying like a baby. Then it was his turn and he was a happy camper.

That’s about it for today. Be safe out there, and check the batteries on you CO & Smoke detectors. Sam & Donna…


  1. Howdy Sam,
    I missed you for a few days and I had to ketch-up!! Send some of that terrible wet stuff down to Texas..I haven't mowed a yard in 3 years.. Oh man, that sauce looks scrumdilicious and MAROON you say! Thatz the color of Heaven for a Texas Aggie!!! Hope y'all get away from the ranch for a while before the 'cold' setz in..

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, Sam, if your going to go fulltime some day, you're going to have to start throwing out stuff you can't immediately repair. Not enough room in the rig for extras you know! :)

  3. I'm so happy you took off all that moderation stuff. Good for you!

  4. Please tell me you don't dive down to 100 meters anymore...I know you are a swimmer but that is a bit much.
    You sound like Dennis...doesn't like to throw out anything...Me??.. when he isn't looking I pitch anything within reaching distance :-)

  5. We got a new CO detector and a new LP detector. Sitting here last night talking about those five folks who died, we decided it was really stupid of us no to replace the smoke detector also. So another thing added to Jim's list.

  6. 100 meters is a LONG WAY down. Perhaps you only need a watch good down to 1 meter


  7. My watch only has to be good for swimming pool depth. Oh wait! I quit wearing a watch when I retired 12 years ago!

  8. In a town near where we lived, there is a "watch and clock" shop. Been there for years. He must have anything stocked to repair watches/clocks. Just don't find stores like that anymore.

  9. I'm with Rick....we both stopped wearing a watch when we retired. My stomach tells me when its time to eat and when I get tired and sleepy its time to go to sleep. LOL
    Just what depth do you swim anyway???

  10. Yep we stopped wearing watches too. Kevin has the one that was his Dad's and if we really need to have the time with us (not too often) he will wear it. Sounds like Riggs and Sadie are getting a workout with Nicole. Say hi to everyone for us.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey