Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Donna & I were up at 06:00AM had the coffee brewing and then Donna baked some gluten free pastries.

Kevin & Ruth slept in until after 07:00AM and then we all gathered for coffee and later breakfast.

We decided today would be a laid back day and we would go to the doggie park with Whiskey and Rigg’s, Boy was Rigg’s excited. Kevin & Rigg’s and I took the truck and Ruth  Donna and Whiskey went in Donna’s escape.


                  Kevin,Rigg’s and Donna.

Rigg's Donna,Ruth&Kevin09-11-11b



                          O’Boy The doggie park.


             Whiskey likes the water too..God love her 15 years old.



While the dogs were playing the word must have gotten out that Rigg’s the champion swimmer was there as a blimp made a surprise fly over so the passengers could see.




                         Pretty neat blimp.

Once we got home we decided tonight would be Pizza Night at the Weeb Ranch, I am making one PA. style square pizza and one gluten free crust pizza for Ruth, Of course Kevin & I will have to wash that pizza down with a couple of  Miller High Life Lights. I will have a couple of pictures of the pizza party in tomorrows blog.

We are truly enjoying our company and having a great time.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Nothing like the smell of wet dog to make the world all right. But getting my two mutts wet is almost impossible. Get in the water for a stick - no way, no how. Relaxed days just visiting with friends is a great day.

  2. I would have flown over too..just to see Riggins the Wonder Dog in the swimmin' hole...Have fun!!

  3. Glad to see you and Riggs enjoying friends.... But I have ta tell ya, That Light beer don't work! I have drank a ton of it and haven't got an ounce lighter......not an ounce! don't work!! ;-) be safe!

  4. Looks like a fine time at the doggie park... Seems everyone especially the dogs.
    Have fun & enjoy the pizza

  5. So glad you all are enjoying your visit with Ruth and Kevin. So good to be with good folks!!
    Riggs and his new friend were sure enjoying the water!!
    You guys enjoy!! :-)

  6. sounds like you are all having a great day!..swimming and pizza!!..
    here it was a day for the horse races and a swim in the river for our 'golden boy'!!

  7. glad I found your blog...nice to see you are all enjoying each others company love your boy Riggs...and isn't Whiskey a darling..we had Kevin and Ruth and Whiskey here for a visit this summer...we so enjoyed their visit...love meeting blogger friends...take care