Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, September 16, 2011



Up early for coffee with my bride, Then she headed out to the truck company & restaurant.

I decided to postpone the trip to the lake this weekend because Adam was sick all week and there is rain in the forecast for Sat & Sun. We will have to see what next week looks like.

I am posting a letter from Little Sadie, a few of you who are on Donna’s work mail list may have seen it.

(Sadie) Boy has this been a rough few days. 

You see my grandparents had some guests and their dog Whiskey. Seems like they were always around.  And even though my brother Riggs would protect me from anything, he likes strange people, so he wasn't any help at all.  No matter how much I barked at them, they just wouldn't go away, then I got locked in a room because of my barking......Hey its my house not theirs.

(Rigg’s) Oh, Sadie, you're just a big chicken.  They were nice people, and you know if it were something bad I would protect you, that's what big brothers are for. If you'd been a little nicer you would have gotten a lot of pettings and they would have played ball and tug with you....but oh no, little brat that you can be all you would do is bark.

BRAT, did you say brat?  Maybe if you only weighed 7 lbs. instead of 100, you'd be a little more afraid too!

Well, I did notice that being only 7 lbs. didn’t stop you when you thought there were treats to be had.  Every time Whiskey or I got a treat your little butt was sitting on the floor waiting for Ruth to give you a treat too.

Well, that's different, didn’t you notice I was always at the back, that I had you between me and her in case

she tried to snatch me away I knew she would have to reach past you and I would be gone, because you know

I run like the wind.clip_image001

(Whiskey) Gosh, can't you two stop bickering.  How do you think I feel. I'm a Canadian dog and sometimes I don't even understand you. Plus I am very old, if I was a human I'd be 105. And then there's the fact the my Mom and Dad paid more attention to you than they did me.  I'd bark, but my voice isn’t very strong anymore, just to let them know, I wanted the attention too.  But no mostly they played fetch and tug o war with Riggins, and tried to coax Sadie to be friendly and I got left out.  Then I always get a treat when I come in from outside, even that turned into both of you getting a treat, now tell me that's fair, you didn’t do anything to get the treat.

Now wait Whiskey didn't your mom play fetch with you at the doggie park? And how about when she threw your toy in the water and you decided you wanted a stick instead.  When my mom told me to get your toy, didn't I go and get it and give it to your mom so you wouldn't lose it ??


Yes, you got my toy, but I think you did that more to show off than anything.  Every time you jumped in the water all I heard from mom and dad was, 'I've never seen a dog swim that fast"  "Look at that he actually has a wake"

Oh, talk about whining....I didn't even get to go to the dog park because I was told that Riggs gets in trouble because when one the other dogs bothers me he comes over to protect me and its just a hassle.  And since everyone has been here I haven’t been able to sleep in my bed in the kitchen in the sun


my favorite spot in the kitchen in the sun                         Everybody left me out of the park ! Well, I guess I've told you enough, they are gone and I'm back in my spot.  Whiskey was nice, she left me alone and didn’t seem to mind my barking at her mom and dad.  Bye from Sadie.

Yeah, guess you have said enough and by the way Whiskey didn’t mind because she didn’t hear you, as she said she's old and doesn’t hear that well anymore. I bet if she'd been younger she'd have been plenty upset at you barking like that.  I'm tired...Bye from Riggs.

Eh, eh??.....sorry I'm a Canadian dog, that means huh?...oh well, Bye from Whiskey, maybe we'll meet again real soon.

Sounds to me like the mutso’s had a good time. And yes they all did get along well together and yes Sadie was very vocal at first when the company arrived. But she is like that whenever someone comes in the house she doesn’t know. Rigg’s is another story he is very fast to make up and want attention from anyone that comes to the house.

Went for a quick trip to the store this morning and picked up a couple things.

Pizza night will be cancelled because Samantha said she wants to cook up a big pot of chilli and needs my help eating some of it, I will melt Mexican cheese over mine with a couple of crackers. It has been simmering on the stove all afternoon, she is making it from scratch no mixes or cans. The house smells great.

Now Sunday I bought enough ground meat to make Grandma Genett style meatballs and Sauce so the house will smell good then too.

Well that’s about it for today,hope everyone is having a good week. be safe out there. Sam & Donna….



  1. Sadie, Riggs was right you missed out on a lot of loving, I have a real nice lap for curling up in. Riggs would have used it but he is way too big! Glad you got your spot back in the sun by the door. Whiskey says hi to both of you and is finding life a little quiet without you both around.

    Miss you guys and Sam and Donna. We had a great time and loved your hospitality. You are such wonderful people. Thanks again so much.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  2. Loved the blog post from the pups! It's nice that your pets have voices so we know what is on their minds. I know that little Sadie is happy to be back in her place in the sun. I can almost smell those chili and meatballs - sounds yummy. Think I'll head out to the local pizza place.

  3. This was so darn cute ~~~ Had fun reading it!
    Have a great weekend

  4. I made slow cooker beef stew yesterday...and yes, the house did smell wonderful, and the stew was great!
    Sounds like Whiskey is NOT a retriever...:-))

  5. oh Sadie!..glad to see you got your spot in the sun back!..darn big dogs anyway!!

  6. Great post, Sadie. You are a lot like our little pup Rylie. She puts up an awful fuss when anyone new comes in our house too but she settles down pretty quick. A little guy just has to be a bit more concerned about strangers, right?