Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Meanderings

Well we were up at the customary 04:30AM and had our coffee, then Donna headed out to the truck company for the day.

Want to take this opportunity to WELCOME Wild Blue Yonder, They have a blog Life's a Journey...(formerly Wild Blue Yonder) but it gives a box that says by invitation only, so I will have to wait for an invite to see it. Welcome aboard folks I am sure you will enjoy reading about the antics od the crew here at the Weeb Ranch and our travels..

Yesterday Rigg’s had his picture in the blog and sure enough Sadie saw it and demanded equal time she wanted everyone to see where she was when Rigg’s was snoozing next to my leg, she was behind my chair in her place in the sun.


Not to be outdone they both then wanted to make a post, so here it is.

Hi everybody, it's Riggs and Sadie

I'm really sorry Grandma about throwing up on your bed the other night. I tried not to but by the time you noticed I was sick I just couldn’t hold it any more.  Think maybe I ate too many bugs while I was outside.  But you know they really are fun to chase and eat.  Now I have to tell all of you about a really scary experience I had.  I was out in the back yard enjoying the nice sunny day and this creature came by, he was gray and had this bushy tail that curved over his back.  Well, I'm a terrier and ferocious, so I gave chase growling all the way.  This creature ran straight up a tree !  I tried but couldn't do that, so I just stood on my hind legs and barked.


Then all of a sudden, the creature started back DOWN the tree,  I took one look at him and he was bigger than me.  I'm no dummy.....I yelled retreat and off I took to the back door, as you may have heard I can run like the wind and I did.

Well, Sadie, guess I would have run too if something was bigger than me, but so far haven’t met anything bigger than I am.  But talk about someone being scared, I played a trick on dad the other day.  He took a nap and when he came into the kitchen all he saw was you. So he called me and I didn’t come, he looked outside and I wasn't there, then he checked the whole house calling my name.  I've pulled this trick on Mom before.....I was hiding in the bathroom !   Finally I could hear in his voice that he was really getting worried so I whined and he heard me.  It was sooo funny listening to him walk right past the door , calling my name...I was just laughing and laughing.


Of course when he opened the door, I had to stop laughing, but you can see I still had a big smile.  Dad told me how much I scared him.  Sorry Dad it was suppose to be a trick.

Speaking of laughing how come you were laughing at me yesterday when your mom gave us our good dog treat?

Are you kidding?  We both know that we have to sit before we can have our treat, but after you stopped doing your "I'm so excited spins" you were half way across the room.  When it was your turn to get a treat instead of getting up and walking across the room and then sitting down, you stayed sitting and then scooted on your butt across the kitchen.  Do you know how silly you looked ?

I just didn’t want to lose my treat because I wasn't sitting down, you know she always says butt on ground or no treat..

Hi, it's Donna.....many who know me wonder why I don’t get more sleep.....maybe this will explain.


no room for mom.

Well everyone.....we both promise to be better tomorrow.....and Mom. next time I'll curl up like Sadie so you have more room.

As you can see our bed is prime real estate at the Weeb Ranch.

Nicole just got home from school and Rigg’s was right there by the door ready to give her his after school kiss & lick, she just screams and runs for a towel. I know she loves it though.

While we were on the River Boat cruise with Kevin & Ruth, and Jim & Dee, we passed a large barge used for the helicopter tours downtown and it had a small platform barge moored behind it for some paint work. Jim is an Air Force Retiree, so not one to lose a chance for some inter-service rivalry, I told him the Air Force uses the big barge for their helos’s when their here. but the Navy pilots use the little one, their used to it. I found a picture to illustrate some of those little platforms from my Navy Days.


                         US Navy UH-2C.

Your main gear couldn’t pass the middle of the circle and then you only had a couple of feet clearance for the blade to that tiny hanger for a drone that they never used. This was a DDG Guided Missile Destroyer, When they went to the FFG Guided Missile Frigates they were quite a bit longer and they moved the missile mount and extended the helo pad to the stern, it was also wider and could accommodate a UH-3C which was quite a bit bigger helo. My son Tim was aboard the USS Rentz during Dessert Storm it was an FFG.

That’s about it for today, Hope everyone is having a good week. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna…


  1. Riggs and Sadie - you guys are quite the pair. Definitely add some excitement to each and every day.

  2. Okay, Sam, either you or Rigg's has to go so Donna can get some sleep! :)

  3. AMazing photo of the landing pad...How they did it...I'll never know! I agree with Judy!

  4. dogs off and humans on!!..that is my recipe for a good night's sleep!!

  5. Looked like a "3 dog night" to me!!

  6. Poor Donna!! You guys roll over so she can have some space!!
    Sadie loves to snooze just like our Nick...upside down in his basket!!

    Awwww...it REALLY is a dogs life!! :-)