Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, September 23, 2011


Up early and had coffee with my bride, Then she was off to the truck company and the restaurant. Rigg’s has gotten into the habit of while I am having coffee he gets up on the bed and lays and keeps Donna company while she gets ready for work, then when she leaves she shuts the light off and he snoozes and sleeps until Nicole gets up at 07:00AM. What a life.

It is a cool cloudy day, only 61 degrees  at 03:00PM so I doubt it will reach the projected high of 68. Rigg’s is outside waiting for his buddy Nicole to get home from school.

Donna sent me this from work so I will share it with you.



They are from the Dr Suess book for older kids.

Haven’t heard from Adam’s Mom yet so I still don’t know what the plans for the weekend are. When your retired you can be flexible to almost anything. I’d like to get the kid’s out at least once more before the cold weather gets here.

Not much to report, a really slow day here at the Weeb Ranch, hope to get out at least once with the fiver before the weather crashes, We have decided to put off our trip to Florida until Spring when maybe the  money situation will improve.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….


  1. Love the Dr. Seuss. Now we're having record heat - 91 today. The first day of Fall. Just crazy.

  2. 97F (36C) here in Laredo, TX. We are plugged in at the state park, but Sherman's air conditioner is having a hard time keeping up! Good thing we like the heat.


  3. Gee, I don't think I've ever read that Dr. Seuss version before. I have always thought he was a little high on something....LOL!!
    It IS a dog's life!! You go Riggs!!

  4. Rigg's has a pretty tough life! We should all be so lucky.