Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Happenings

Up early and had coffee with my bride, then she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

We are back in the oven here at the Weeb Ranch, today it is 101, tomorrow the same and Saturday 100, I was going to cut some grass but I will let that go unless I do it at 07:00AM.

Rigg’s and Sadie have their spots nailed down under the kitchen ceiling fan. They go out only when they absolutely have to and then it’s right back in.

Nicole says it is nice and cool at school so they must have a good A/C system. the building is only a few years old. I can’t even imagine an air conditioned school , there was no such thing when we were growing up, we were lucky to have heat, as every once and awhile they  would run short of coal and it would rationed until they got there supply in, The rooms would get down to 50 degrees and you sat with your coats on.

Went out long enough to bring the mail and the dumpster up from the street. The humidity is 35% but that still brings the heat index to 108degrees. That’s enough for me I will join the dogs under the ceiling fan.

Speaking of coal, how many of you remember the coal trucks that would drive up in front of the house, then the front of the dump body would go up a little till it was at an angle and then the whole thing would raise up some more, then they would put a chute into the door to the coal bin in the house and start hand shoveling a couple tons of coal in.I remember as a boy how that was a lot of entertainment for a boy. Now heating with coal and those fancy coal trucks are a thing of the past. Everyone either has Gas,Oil, or Electric heat today.

Well that’s about it for today, Hope everyone is having a good week. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. They use to put the coal chute through our basement window and dump the coal in our "coal room"..Then Dad would shovel it from there into our coal furnace. Dad also use to hunt, and we had many a rabbit skinned and pheasant plucked in our basement...Now the ASPCA would come and shut it down:-)

  2. I remember the coal chute and room in the basement where it was stored. A few years back when I lived in Ireland in an old stone farmhouse, I only had one fireplace in the small living room, and I had a coal fire going most of the time. I added a log now and then and a briquet of peat for the good aroma.

  3. Try to stay cool...
    Have fun

  4. I remember the coal deliveries to the house I grew up in in Chicago. After my father died, we finally switched to an oil furnace. That switch was a big financial burden for my mother.

    I'm going to spend 6 nights at the Rend Lake COE campground in southern Illinois in a week and a half. Could you guys make a little trip that way? It's only $8/night.

  5. Yup, I remember the coal trucks and the chute and the awful dirty mess that was the coal bin. I also remember getting out of junior high school one day because the temperature got to 95 degrees.

    I guess that shows how old we are.


  6. I don't remember too much about the coal, but I do remember the outside cellar door that they put the coal down on my Grandpa's house. I loved the picture in my mind of you curled up with the pups under the fan. LOL

  7. I not only remember the coal chute and the truck, I remember going down to the basement and shoveling those black dusty chucks of coal into the furnace.

    The heat came to the first floor of the house through one large grate in the floor. Now, the second floor that was another thing - two small grates into two bedrooms. Third bedroom NO HEAT. Bathroom - NO HEAT. I' m not taking being down south - although it was Southern NJ.

  8. A spot under the ceiling fan sounds good to me!!

  9. I remember the coal bin and chute very well. In fact, I can also recall being sent down the chute a few times to go up and unlock the doors to the house after we had locked ourselves out! What a dirty job that was!