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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi everyone, its Donna.
Some information I'd like to share.
Yesterday on the news there were 5 campers that died due to carbon monoxide poisoning
Sunday many locations across the country had rallies for Bikers for Babies and various charities.
A group of bikers in Tennessee were at a campground.  The 5 people were in a fiver and had
a generator going.  Details are still sketchy but initial thought is the carbon monoxide was
from the generator.  The one couple that perished left behind 8 month old twins.
So please everyone check your generators, how are they vented, how is your heating system, etc.
Better safe than sorry.


  1. Jim just installed our CO detector in our fiver. We don't have an onboard generator but I neither did these people. So everybody needs one IMO. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Such a sad story... Thanks for the reminder about the detectors!

  3. Very sad indeed! Our MH came with the carbon monoxide detectors....so glad!
    You can't be too careful!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder, though we did hear about those poor people..We have a CO detector onboard and we take a generator (portable), but have never used it yet...Better safe than sorry for sure..A heads up for all of us RV'ers...Thanks...

  5. An absolute to check! I hate to hear about this.

  6. Yes, its so sad... when rvers are packed in tight at events, they NEED to use a genturi pipe to vent the fumes upwards and out. Otherwise they float along and get into the surrounding rigs!

    We were parked in front of our folks one weekend... with wide open area around us. We kicked in our generator in the rear of our rig... and our folks motorhome behind us had their front dash vents still open from when they parked their rig. Their CO2 detector kept going off! Just from the open tiny dash vents!

    Of course we shut our generator down and aired out their rig immediately.

    That is scary!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard