Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Mumblings.

Was up at 06:00AM and had coffee with my bride. she was off today at the truck company and will go in at 04:00PM to the restaurant.

Missed my Friday blog, I went out to get Adam from school and then Tammy needed my truck to go out for dinner with a girlfriend. She is leaving tomorrow to go home to Mississippi. We rescheduled Pizza night to tonight , because Tammy wanted make a homemade pizza before she went home. So that is what she is doing now.


                           Tammy’s Dough.

Tammy's Pizza 01-12-12a

                   Tammy’s Pizza before baking.

Tammy's Pizza ready to eat 01-12-12a

                    Tammy’s Pizza ready to eat.

Sadie and her boyfriend Buddy have one more day together so they have been sitting on adjacent chairs and gabbing.


                                Sadie & Buddy.

Today was cloudy with temps in the low 50’s, the temperature is supposed to drop tonight and there’s a winter storm warning for overnight, freezing rain is expected.

Hope it’s cleared up before we head to the airport with Tammy tomorrow.

Not much else is doing here at the Ranch, I hope everyone is having a good weekend and maybe the weather will improve for you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I jut love homemade pizza. I used to make them when I had teenagers, but now I only get them when my son=in-law makes them.

  2. Here is the recipe. You two can make this deliciousness!



  3. Home made pizza sure sounds good.

    We are shivering here while a cold front sits in the valley with below freezing temperatures. Hope you don't have to drive in freezing rain tomorrow.

    Hi to Donna.

  4. Sure comforting to see that nice warm homemade pizza! I'll bet it was wonderful. You sure know the best ways to stay warm, Sam. We had to drive to Springfield to find sunshine today, but it was really nice over there. Our house stayed under the clouds mostly and it was cold. Looks like more of the same tonight. Send more warm thoughts, I think we need lots more!

  5. I'd be happy to stay inside on a cold night for some of Tammy's great looking pizza!

  6. What do you put in your Pizza Dough? It obviously has some whole wheat flour from the looks of its color.. I generally use flour water yeast sugar salt and olive oil... Are you doing something different?

    1. Rod , Tammy made the dough mix and I wasn't, but I think your right, It was a really good tasting and soft crust, for a thin crust pizza. Sam...