Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, January 18, 2013


Up at 04:30AM for my morning coffee with my pretty bride. She was then off to the truck company and then the restaurant. Before Rigg’s and I had our nap I took the frozen dough out and put it in a bowl covered with a towel and then put it in the micro (off) to thaw and rise today.

I was waiting for a call to see if I had to pick Adam up and about 10:30AM his Mom dropped him off for the weekend, so he got an early start on his weekend. He was glad to see I was making a run for some chocolate milk, and donuts for him. Also that tonight is the world famous Weeb Ranch Pizza Night. I hope the folks at Xpu-Ha Mexico make it to Leo’s Pizza, for the best pizza in Mexico, They have been celebrating Friday night pizza night at their campground with a group, like we have here most Friday’s.

It turned into a sunny mild day here at the ranch with the temperature currently 55 degrees. I hope we get a few more like this before it turns cold again.

Got a couple of responses to my train set in yesterday’s blog. Who would have known that they would last so long and become such collectors items, The set I have when bought as a set in 1953 with the 5 cars I have sold retail for about $55. Today the engine alone will bring anywhere from $350 to $1000 dollars depending on how many of each type were made. A Lackawanna like mine with a maroon roof will fetch a thousand, they only made a small amount with a maroon roof and then switched to a grey roof which self for less, Mine has the roof repainted black so it will fetch close to the bottom figure. but it is like new with few scratch's.So if you gave away or sold your Lionel's cheap who would have known, They sure do stand up to kid’s playing with them also dogs. 

Not much doing will be putting my chef’s hat and apron on and rolling out the dough and start making the pizza for soon. Everyone Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Happy Friday to you, Sam. When you're dressed up in your chef's hat and apron rolling our pizza dough, I always feel that I should call you something what has more of an Italian ring to it, like maybe Salvatore or something!

    1. Actually I was named after my Italian Grandfather Sam Genett, When I was in my thirty's my Mom called and said she had given me the wrong name. An older Aunt had found my Grandfathers Baptismal Papers from Calabria Italy that said his name was Savino Gianetti. I told her I like Sam just fine, three letters not likely for me to forget even if I was drunk.Evidently they changed it like so many at Ellis Island to an American sounding name.I remember as a boy how proud my Grandfather was to be an American, because he worked in the mine they wouldn't take him for WW2 but he worked as the neighborhood air Raid Warden and Commanded the First Aid team.

  2. Happy pizza night! It always makes me hungry for pizza when you blog about making it.

  3. We had a 70* day here in Congress, AZ. It was certianally appreciated....felt mighty good...
    I can smell that pizza cookin!!! Enjoy..
    You and Adam stay out of troube, ya hear!!:-).