Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Mumblings.

Was up at 06:00AM with my bride for my morning coffee, It’s Saturday so Donna doesn’t have to go in to the truck company today, She does have the Restaurant tonight though.

It is a gorgeous day here at the ranch the temp is in the middle 60’s and sunny, not much of a breeze. A good day for the kid’s to play outside. Nicky is coming over so her, and Adam will probably take the bikes over to the playground together, it is only a block away and no streets to cross and all sidewalks so they can stretch there wings a little. I sometime take a drive over later to see how there doing, but they are both old enough and trust worthy enough for some freedom.

Last night was pizza night here at the ranch and I made a large square crust pizza.


Adam looks like will be happy to dive right in, he ate 4 large pieces.

I can remember when he was little he and I would share one of those little Totino’s Frozen job’s, Now when they make those, Adam & Nicky each eat a whole one, and I usually eat something else.

My son Andy gave me a haircut, and a beard trim, The haircut is great, not quite a buzz, but within regulations, and the beard I finished and it came out fine.




                    Not bad for a free haircut.

Of course I needed a new large hair trimmer, but Wally World had a Conair on sale for $12. so one haircut pays for that. Luckily my small trimmer is in good shape yet.

Tomorrow Donna is holding the morning inspection and she is tough, She always starts with. “Anyone who receives two hits on the morning personnel Inspection, will be marched to the Brig area at the rush”. How many of you guys remember that.

Anyone in any basic training , had to be squared away every morning, no exceptions. The Navy had periodic inspections to keep it that way, And it carried over all my life, I remember as a Sergeant on the Police Department insisting on top appearance, haircuts, and shined shoes. People would judge how you did your job as a cop by the shine on your shoes. Even into the 80’s & 90’s I would look at a new guy, and he would Say ‘I know Sarge , get a haircut, and normally at roll call the next morning he was squared away with a haircut. Where do we find these kind of young men today.

Well, that’s about it for today, hope everyone is having a great weekend like we are here at the Ranch.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. We bought hair clippers etc but did such a horrendous job the first time we cut each others hair, won't take that chance again.

    Haircuts are one of the challenges to fulltiming.

    1. Haircuts are one of the challenges to fulltiming.

      Not when you're married to an ex hairstylist! :-)

  2. Nice haircut ~ Glad to hear you are all doing good. I sure did like the looks of that pizza ~ YUM!!!
    Have fun

  3. I'm a luck guy. Haven't had to get a barber shop haircut since I met Kelly nearly 20 years ago. She used to cut all her kid's hair years ago & there were 5 of them. Now she just has one big kid. Like I said....I'm a lucky guy:))

  4. Great looking pizza you made, I'll bet it tasted great!

  5. Hey, "Sal" ... nice pizza! You sure do make the best looking pizza out there. We're just gonna have to come over that and try some one of these days. Nice haircut, too. One nice thing about haircuts, they always grow back and you can do something different next time. I used to wear a crewcut back in the day. Donna likes my hair a bit longer now, but not nearly as long as I wore it in the 70's. I was reading about one guy who starts his year off by shaving his head, then doesn't cut his hair again until next year rolls around. Don't think Donna would let me do that.