Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Notes.

Up at 06:00AM with my bride for coffee, then a nap and some blogging. Right around 11:00AM Donna took my niece Tammy to Lambert Field to get on the Big silver bird to go home, She is having to stop in Atlanta and then switch to a plane to Gulfport which is not far from Saicier Ms. where she lives, I imagine she left her car at the airport in Gulfport so she would have a way home. Looked at the weather and is 66 Degrees and sunny there. Not like our 27 degrees and cloudy here in Dardenne Prairie. The ice coating on the patio never did melt today so Rigg’s has been sliding across it.
Donna is off tonight and is making a pot roast for supper. boy am I spoiled with Tammy cooking all last week and today Donna, I have had a week off from the kitchen, I guess I will start back tomorrow while Donna is working fixing a nice supper for her.
My son just left with my good truck to take Adam home, his car has something wrong with it in the front end, It’s a 4 wheel drive Grand Cherokee, and he says it’s clunking in the front when you make a turn, I told him it must be a CV joint, but he says they don’t have any. So now he is waiting to get the money together to fix it.
I think Sadie noticed her boyfriend Buddy is missing, after they left she took a nap and then came out to the kitchen and looked all around and then the great room and then checked the rest of the house. I know she was looking for him. I guess she’s lost her first love.
Well it will be quiet in the great room for a week , no video games and the noise that goes along with them.
The emergency low beer warning light came on last night on the fridge, I hit the reset for the klaxon horn so as not to disturb anyone, but the flashing orange strobe will only go out when you put more beer in it, Since I haven’t left the house, I asked Andy to bring me a six pack home until I go shopping this week.
Other than that it has been a great weekend here, we really enjoyed my niece’s visit, she is my twin brother Bill’s daughter, she is six months younger than my oldest son Sam Jr. So she literally grew up with us.
That’s about it for today. Please be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….


  1. Hey Sam, nice to see that you're staying inside and focusing on the important stuff. Let Riggs do all the sliding around on the ice, he probably enjoys it!! Glad to hear you've enjoyed some time off from the kitchen duties. Sorry it's so cold there. It's up to 33 here today! Raining out, so at least it's not snowing. Hate to think what the roads will be like tonight, though. Guess we will just stay home. Thanks for sharing. Keep that alarm down.

  2. I hate it when that low beer warning goes off!

  3. When you retire, come to South Florida in the Winter...it sure beats that chilly central US weather, even if it only gets to 60 degrees, I'm lovin' it.

  4. Emergency Low Beer Light!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  5. Hope you washed your kitchen apron last week, Sam. Sounds like you're going to be busy cooking again.