Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up with my pretty bride at 04:30AM for our morning coffee. Then she was off to the truck company.

Rigg’s and I had our nap and a movie, then I got up and read some blogs and got caught up on the news for today.

It is a gorgeous day, sunny and the temp right now is 51 degrees.won’t complain about that. Ran to the store to get a couple of packs of Tastey Kake Krumpets, one of my favorites.

Not much going on in Dardenne Prairie today, even the local Sheriff was having a coffee at the QT as I went by. Make me wonder how much coffee I drank in over 30 years in law enforcement, One of our family friends were Randy & Diane that owned the Mister Do Nut Shop in Dellwood. I would go there in the middle of the might when I was on the midnight shift and drink coffee and watch him make donuts at 02:00AM. On Saturday nights he would always make sure I had a dozen fresh donuts to take home for the kid’s on Sunday mornings. We went to a lot of Dances and movies & Dinner with those folks, but after we moved out here to the Ranch, they sold the shop and we drifted apart. Ever wonder why that happens with friends.

I think one of the reasons is the neighborhoods was going bad, that’s why they sold the shop and everyone was moving to the country like we did. Everyone was just uprooted, The only ones that profited were the real estate companies.

Of course there was no internet and no blogs and FB to help keep in touch either.

Hey Mexico Gang. Hope all is well not much being blogged from down Xpu-Ha way lately, I know the beach hasn’t dried up so I know the three queens of Williams Ave ( Jodie, Coco & Sandy ) are getting their swim time in. Wish we were there with Rigg’s and I know I would enjoy the beach, take a walk up the beach to the Copa Cabana Resort and have a drink there.

Well that’s about it for today the highlight of my afternoon will be taking the dumper down to the end of the driveway, tomorrow morning is trash day.

Be safe out there.  Sam & Donna………


  1. Donuts on Sunday must be a police thing. My Dad was a Police Officer and we always had fresh donuts before church on Sunday, sure miss those.

  2. Nice reading about your memories today. My brother and my uncle were both officer - my brother sure did (does!) like donuts but I can't really remember my uncle much.

    1. Truth of the matter was I ate very few donuts during the week, maybe a roll with my coffee at 05:30AM but the Saturday night take home was a ritual. I drank a lot of free coffee at Mr Donut, one morning I knocked a No Parking sign down as I pulled into the parking lot, When I got to my seat at the counter the Girl already had my coffee poured and ready and said"here you really need this today"worst part was calling the highway dept and telling them some drunk must have knocked it down instead of a tired cop.

  3. Hey - I love donuts but I was never a police officer.