Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Mumblings.

Was up at 06:00AM, which for Donna and I is sleeping in, had coffee with my pretty bride. No kid’s this weekend, Grandkid’s that is, so the house is pretty quiet It has turned into a nice sunny day after a cloudy start. Right now it is 38 degrees. Tomorrow they say in the 50’s and then Mon & Tuesday the upper 60’s. So maybe we can look forward to a couple of mild days. Only supposed to be a low of 35 tonight and a little warmer then the next two nights.That will be a welcome change from letting Rigg’s out in the morning when it is in the teens. With it being warmer he is out running the yard and enjoying some outside fun. Barking at the neighbor kid’s trying to get them to come and play with him.

I see a lot folks are at Quartzite for the RV Sales, I would like to try it one of these days, but so far Donna hasn’t shown much interest in boon docking, although we do have a generator so a couple nights would be okay if it weren’t blazing hot at night.I think she would probably be more comfortable in a Desert Sand Resort type place for the beginning of our travel days, Then maybe try a couple boon dock nights, Even when traveling, we generally find find a Passport America park or an Escapee’s Park even for one night and have always stayed away from Wal-Marts, don’t know why really, but in a pinch we might have to someday. Most of the time it’s about $15 with the discounts at one of those parks. Once Donna is retired we can stay a little longer and take advantage of weekly and monthly rates. who knows maybe work camp for a summer season somewhere.

Well another slow news day here in the Prairie, nothing shaking here at the ranch either. so we will say Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……

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