Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday/Sunday Notes.

A combine weekend blog today. Was up both day by 06:00AM and had coffee with my pretty bride, she usually putters around the house in the morning or bakes on the weekends, but not this weekend she just rested up and went to the Restaurant for the night shift and today she is off. My niece Tammy will be coming back to stay for a while until she goes home to Mississippi. Seems they are a little cooler than normal down there this week so I will tell her not to be in any hurry until it warms back up.

The snow is for the most part gone around here, just a few patches where the trees shade the ground. The trailer is completely clear of its snow cover.

My Son never has put the cover on, since I can’t go up on the roof, it’s been one excuse after another, the one day he actually got up there wit it it turned out to start blowing hard winds, so that ended it for that day. I am wondering if I could call an RV tech and see what he would charge to put it on.

But it is winterized and blown out so it should be okay until April.

Not much doing here at the Ranch, Donna and I have the house to ourselves with Rigg’s and Sadie, the kid’s went somewhere for the day.

No cooking I am going to order a pizza delivered.

Today ended up a nice sunny day, the temperature is only going to get to 35 but the clear sun makes it seem warmer, the dog’s are enjoying laying by the back door in the sun.

That’s about it for today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Now don't go getting too used to not having any snow, Sam. Probably just Mother Nature trying to do a head fake on you. Hold your position, and keep that shovel handy. Thanks for the weekend update. We actually have some sunshine today. Thanks for sending that our way!

  2. Sam, our Hiker sits out all the time at our house..no cover..It will be just fine...Don't fret the small stuff.Have a Miller High Life, eat pizza and hug Donna and Riggins...(not at the same time necessarily :-)

  3. The first year we bought a cover I though my daughter and I were going to loose our lives up there in the wind. So scary. Art was on the ground trying to help maneuver it. Then it was so horribly windy that winter it ended up getting torn up, so that was it for covers for us. Now it just gets its cover from snow. LOL

  4. Can't wait to see the fifth wheel with the cover on. Make sure you get a picture of it for us.

    Kevin and Ruth