Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Meanderings.

Was up at 04:30AM with my pretty bride for coffee, then she was off to the truck company. I had her send me an e-mail when she got there, and she said they had cleared the roads pretty good, It was still snowing when she left this morning.
About 09:00AM it stopped snowing and got pretty clear no wind. The final tally for Dardenne Prairie, was 14.5 inches. You can see that on the roof of the Bird Motel, behind the Web Ranch.
                      Bird Motel Yesterday 03-24-13.
BirdMotel14.5inches ofsnow03-25-13a
Bird Motel today 03-25-13 after snow ended, 14.5 inches.
Rigg’s has been in and out playing in the snow and a couple of drifts near the fence in back where it is 2 or 3 feet deep . He runs and jumps into it and gets snow all over himself.  Then he comes and knocks on the back door to come in, you have to have a towel ready to get the wet snow off him. Sadie on the other hand wants no part of the deeper snow and only runs in the path that Andy shoveled for her, does her thing and runs back to come back inside. Definitely not a winter dog.
Now it will be interesting to see how fast this late season snow melts, Starting Friday it is supposed to be in the 50’s all weekend and into next week. I am sure we will have some high waters since both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers were high before the snow, and since we are on the southern edge of it all that snow north of us the runoff has to go somewhere. Hey when your retired you have time to sit and watch the snow melt.
From where I sit at the kitchen table it looks like traffic is moving in front of the house, yesterday it was white out conditions most of the day and we didn’t see a car or plow go by all day. The News said the highway crews took a break and came back in at midnight, so that’s when the roads must have gotten done trying to open it up for Mondays commute.
When I was a young policeman and didn’t have enough seniority to get a summer month vacation, my Mom was still alive so we would always leave around March 25th and go to Pa. for a two week vacation, Usually when we got back it was green and hot here in MO.
I’ll bet we go from cold, to hot with no in between like we did last year, when we got back from Fla. in April last year it was hotter in MO. than it had been in Fla.
Oh well we can all guess all we want about the weather but it can sure surprise you like it did us here the last couple days. Plus if you wait a week it will change.
You guys heading back to Canada maybe better wait about a week especially if your using Illinois and Detroit as your egress point.
Well that’s about it for today, go back to watching the snow melt, since it’s only 30 it won’t melt much today.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. My daughter and family are in Landenburg, PA to visit my oldest granddaughter. I know it's not far from Philly and I'm concerned about the weather there. My son and his two boys drove down over the weekend to meet up, and I'm worried they will all be snowed in!

  2. Wow, looks cold, hope you are able to stay indoors where it is warm!

  3. You got more than us. We got around 9 inches. It was so windy, wow, I was surprised we didn't loose power. It has melted some today. The roads are in good shape. We like you are supposed to be in the 50's next week maybe ever the 60's Hooray I'm ready!!