Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Notes.

Was up about 07:30AM for coffee with my bride, then Karen & Steveo came in with Dukey Palookie, & Duckie the Duchess, naturally Rigg’s was happy to have his friend to play with.

We all enjoyed coffee and small talk,Karen & Steveo wanted to leave around 10AM to head north toward home, They are stopping at a friend Rosie’s, up in Bethel MO. before turning east to Wisconsin.



So at about 10:30AM they headed out with hugs and see ya later’s. Donna left a few minutes later for the day watch at the Restaurant.

If you have the room in your driveway or on your property for a spare RV pad, I can’t say enough for hosting fellow RV’ers or Escapee’s for a visit, Donna & I just love the good times and company we have when someone visits for a few days. We have stayed several times at fellow bloggers homes, and it is really a great way to see friends. The key is just having a little extra room and having either a 30amp post or outlet with number 10 wire put so you can run an extension to the RV, I have a 30 amp outlet in my garage that was added to our breaker panel and wired with #10 wire, you can have an RV parked in the summer and still run one A/C and not have anything get hot.

Water is not a problem as you just hitch a hose up to the house, I also put in a sewer clean out with a threaded cap next to the inside of the garage door, so if you have a macerator you can pump it into there and empty your black water tank.

For us doggies are a way of life, so we have an acre of back yard and a large run that gives the pups an exercise area plus Rigg’s is social and gentle with other dogs & people.Most of our visitor’s have pets so that gives the mutso’s a chance to have friends too.

We hope our guest’s have a good visit in Bethel and then a safe trip home.

Now we are looking forward to April 15th when  JAY & STELLA will arrive for a few days visit. We have never met before, but read each other’s blogs, Jay is a Retired LEO like Sam so they can relate stories, over a cold drink at happy hour. Hopefully we can do some more tour guiding. It will be warmer here at the Ranch by then.

Then on the 22nd of April if all go’s well Donna & I will be leaving for a month on the road to Florida & Mississippi for visits with friend’s and our niece Tammy.

Like I said I can’t praise driveway docking enough, I don’t call it moochdocking because that has kind of a derogatory sound, But driveway docking or camping is just fine, it’s inexpensive really doesn’t costs the host much, and just a darn good way to meet and keep in touch with new friends. At the Weeb Ranch , you will always be welcome, and never have to feel like you are imposing on us. PS if you make it on a Friday it’s usually pizza night..

That’s about for today,hope everyone is having a good weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……………


  1. Your pizzas as a big draw, and I'm going to claim one sooner or later.

  2. If you ever make it to Arizona, we are all set up for you and the welcome mat is always out. Would recommend November - April so you don't bake!:)

  3. if you ever get to the east coast of Canada your more than welcome at our place...2.5 acres, sewer water and power 30 amp...and lots of room for the doggies to run...we love having backyard company...we love hosting our company...go nice that Karen and Steve got to stop by....maybe someday we can get to your place for pizza :)

  4. Sam, I am thinking you really need to put yourself together some RV Park plans. The Weeb Ranch RV Park has a ring to it. You've got the room, you've got the personality, & you would have a guaranteed gang for Pizza night:))

  5. Thanks again for letting us "driveway dock" at your place. It was fun for me and Donna to escape a bit and do a bit of "thrift shopping" ... plus we stocked up on 15 or 16 bottles of that Andrias Steak sauce!

    We are safe and sound now in Rosie's little town of Bethel, MO. We are parked next door at friends Sue and Joe's pottery as the driveway is more firm than Rosie's barnyard.

    and guess what?? ITS **S*N*O*W*I*N*G**!!! ACK!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. We definitely plan on taking you up on your offer one of these times. We don't have a driveway anymore so we can't offer it to anybody. You and Donna are just the best folks ever.