Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee and a muffin with my pretty bride, and love of my life, although Donna would say I spend more time with my bestus buddy Rigg’s. She was off to the Truck Company and then she has a 04:00PM Doctors checkup on the way home so she said not to wait supper on her. Of course Rigg’s and I got a nap then.

This is a way for me not to have to cook, a couple beers and a sandwich and I’m okay for the night.

I have a couple of new pictures, you haven’t seen. Unless we have company the good camera doesn’t get used much.


Nicky right after she got up last weekend, with her buddy Rigg’s.

When the Grand’s are here Rigg’s take up the role of a dog with his boy/or girl.


The world famous speaker rock by the Clydesdales at the Brewery.

Tim & BonnieSeaside Hts Park 02-17-12

My Son Tim & his girlfriend Bonnie in front of the wrecked pier and Rolly coaster in Seaside Heights NJ.

That pier had a big amusement park on it and went way out into the water, When the boy’s were little that was a must stop for an evening of fun., when we would visit them.

It turned out to be a sunny day here at the Ranch, it has reached the high of 46, but there is no wind today so in the sun it doesn’t feel bad.

Tomorrow morning Rigg’s has his spring check-up at the Vet’s we also have to have a small cyst on his one ear looked, I won’t have it removed if it means he won’t be able to swim during vacation, I will wait until we get home. We will see what the vet says. It almost looks like a chigger bite.

Sadie is taking advantage of Rigg’s napping and stealing food from his dish, she is really a petty thief as she takes one piece at a time and runs with it to the rug, then she will look around for Rigg’s before she goes and gets another piece.

It is now March 19,  more days this month and 21 next and on the 22ndm Donna is planning on retiring. Less than 30 days. I am counting each one.

Tomorrow after Rigg’s vet appointment I will take him for a ride and we will go to Child’s Tire Co. they are having a big sale on a lot of brands of name tires and I will get an estimate for 4 for the trailer, balanced and with new valve stems. I have decided on LT tires since most people I talk to say the are more rugged and have a higher capacity. Since we generally stay at 65 on the interstates and slower on the two lanes I think that is what I am looking for.

Won’t be long and I will be going out and starting to check the appliances get the fridge fired up, and refill the propane tanks.Then the stocking of canned goods and other non perishable food items and last a week before we leave I will stock the fridge with food and beer, water & soda. The tires will come first.

Before our guests from Texas arrive on the 15th of April, probably when I bring it the fiver home from the tire place I will park it plugged into the 30 amp in front of the garage, and that will free up the space for our guests 5th wheel, that’s it for now.

Hope everyone is having a great day, Please be careful out there. Sam & Donna……………


  1. Do some research, many tires are now made in China.... Almost all trailer tires are made in China... I don't know if your Light Truck tires get you away from that, but I would stay away from Carlisle tires at all costs... I have read too many horror stories on these blogs about tires with separations leaving folks stranded.. Almost to the letter the tires came from China...

  2. Sounds like you are on a countdown to travel....Good for you and Donna...a nice vacation in warmer weather...Exactly what the Dr. ordered!

  3. I'm afraid if I drive to NY in September I will need 4 new tires before I go. I agree with Rod and will pay what it takes to get American tires, even though they aren't for an RV. I bet you will be so excited to have Donna retired and the time will pass quickly.

  4. Wow, is Nicky's hair ever gotten long from when we saw her last.

    I was just asking Donna in an email today when her last day of work would be.

    More company coming? Have you got an RV Park going in your driveway? Lol, just kidding, glad you have more visitors coming, always fun to visit with friends.


  5. yeah and retirement is approaching fast!!! Then you'll be on vacation :)

  6. Your time is getting closer. Good for you, and I know you can't wait. We are in the 30's here, I don't know where Spring is but I wish it would hurry up and get here. Hope Donna's dr's apt went well.