Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Happenings.

Was up at 04:30AM with my bride and we had coffee,Then she was off to the Truck Company and then the Restaurant. She has to stop at the Doctors on the way to the Restaurant to return a heart monitor that they had her wear for 48 hours after her last appointment, just to see how it was doing. The Doctor told here at the appointment that she is really doing fine.

My brother Bill came over this morning and installed a program in my laptop so I can program my new radio, I sent off on the internet for a speaker/mike, and a USB patch cord to connect to the computer. the software Bill put in allows the channels to be changed and turned on and off easily.


                          Baofeng Transceiver.

I have had several scanners before for receiving the police and railroad bands, but this one has a greater range and sensitivity, it was receiving NS Railroad broadcasts while the older Bearcat I had sat next to it on the kitchen table silent.

I missed a blog again yesterday, blame it on a writers block, by the time 05:00PM got here I knew I wasn’t going to come up with anything earth shaking, even Sadie & Rigg’s were a slow act yesterday.

Now today I can at least pass on that KAREN & STEVEO have arrived home today in Wisconsin with a foot of snow to be shoveled off the front steps. Boy what a climate change a few days makes. Last week they were soaking in a hot spring by the Rio Grande River.

I belong to a couple of face book pages, The HC-2 page, The USS Shangri-la page, & the USS Independence page, all commands I was assigned to in my Navy days.

I put a picture and a post on the HC-2 page today, and I will share it with you. When we managed to be at our home station at NAS Lakehurst in the summer, almost all our flights involved flying up the Jersey coast along the coast. We would always go as far as the Statue of Liberty and make a couple of hot tight circles around her,to the delight of tourists, and then head for home. And yes she always left the light on for us.


                        Miss Liberty ca 1970’s.

PS. we would also fly under all the bridges on the Hudson & East Rivers.

Well that got me thinking of a few bridges I would like to fly under between here and Florida in a couple weeks, it’s one month tomorrow that we should be heading out, if all goes well with Donna’s retirement.

Hope every one is having a fine day and that the weather is warming for you. It was a sunny but cold day here at the Ranch high of 35 degrees.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Sam - Glad to hear that you and Donna are going to be able to hit the road once Donna retires. It will be wonderful that the two of you can spend more time together and enjoy this great country!

  2. Our son, Kelly, was stationed at Lakehurst for his training...He was a grape on the USS JFK....It was COLD there...

    1. You mean an aviation boatswains mate. or plane handler.Also could have worked in the fuel gang. If he had a purple jersey. Plane handlers wore yellow. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. That's such a neat picture of the Lady. Bet you can't fly that close to her or under those bridges anymore. Only a month count down. So much fun for you guys to be planning your get away.

  4. Be careful of that Baofeng radio as it will transmit on all those RR and Pub Service channels as well as listen... Don't want the FCC to come visit my friend Sam... I have one here in Mesa, and it is set up for all the ham channels where it will also transmit.. But I have an Extra license so that is legal.. Still I could get into trouble in the pub service bands.. Its best not to program a transmit frequency for channels you don't want to talk on...

    1. That's why I locked out the tranmit on all the public service channels. If we meet you can show me how to get a license for the ham bands. Thanks Sam..

  5. Ah - only one month to go! We will be traveling through MO late Sept or early Oct. Not sure which route we will be taking yet. Just might see ya then.

  6. Yup... made it home, safe and sound... and snowy!!!! but hoping spring comes soon and we can go camping again.