Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up at 04:30AM with my pretty bride and we had coffee, Then she was off to the truck company, Rigg’s and I took our morning nap.

Today was dumper day so that had to be done taking it down to the head of the driveway.

The service man got here yesterday afternoon, and we had a coupon that he wouldn’t charge the service charge for coming out if he fixed the washer, He looked it over and said all that was wrong was that a sock had disintegrated and clogged the water inlet. He got it open and then ran some cleaner through the hoses’s and presto like new again. Total bill was $79, which I thought was really reasonable. we will use this guy again.

This morning I went down and took up where I left off washing and drying a couple loads of wash, thankfully all went well.

It is a nice sunny day here at the ranch, no winds and a high is supposed to reach 50 degree’s, now if we could just get rid of the overnight temps in the 20’s and start some spring warm up.

Finally got all my backup’s done on the repaired laptop and we are not missing anything even the Outlook .pst files which are the record of e-mails you receive. I am also up to date on all updates, when they reinstalled the operating system you start all over with downloading updates, so it did so many a day until it was up to date.

Rigg’s saw that Jodie & Coco & Sandy update their blog and there was pictures of them swimming in the pool, He is chomping at the bit for vacation to get here so he can go with us to Florida and he can swim with his girlfriends, he’s already told them he is just as fast as last year.

Mom & I just look forward to relaxing with Paul & Helen and having a restful vacation. Of course Dad will probably hit the pool with the mutso’s.

Seems to me it is waiting for warmer weather even in Fla. I have their weather on my weather screen and they are having a cool spell like us.

But time waits for no one and April will be here soon and with it warmer temps, since we are not tied to an exact date we can wait for it if we have to.

Told Mom I would have Basketti tonight for supper, easy to make and filling and warm.

How about a picture of my Rootin Tootin, Cowgirl Grands in New Jersey.


                                           Katie. MegheninNJ                                         Meghen.

The horse’s name is Dude and he is gentle with the girls and my other Granddaughter Allie.

Well that’s about it from Dardenne Prairie for today, I hope everyone is having a fine day. Please be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. We are finally getting temps out here that will reach up into the 80s reliably... That is the signal that your warm up is on its way... Once we get into the 90s and have to run the A/C out here then its time to go back to the Mid West...

  2. I lost my comment and of course it was brilliant.

    It's always been said that washing machines eat socks and now you actually have proof of that. We are all looking forward to you guys getting down to Florida also. We want to see pictures of Riggs with all his girlfriends.

  3. That is great that the washer didn't cost you an arm and a leg, because usually it does. Love the pictures of your granddaughters, they remind me of when our girls were on their horses.

  4. There is nothing worse than a broken washer or dryer...and the laundromat looming in the near future...Glad you got it fixed quickly...Weather here was cold windy and snow flurries...I would take a cold Florida anyday to this!

  5. So that's where all the missing socks go. Mystery solved.

  6. It is probably warmer here than a lot of places but we are still not used to the cooler weather here in the pan handle of Florida. We got spoiled with the unusually warm temps in the Keys earlier in the year. Sounds like you are all caught up. Impressive. Take care.