Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hi everyone, it’s Donna., I’ve taken over blog duty today. Boy what a day it is. Palm Sunday and at present we have about 8 inches of snow and still coming down. Thank goodness our TV dish is mounted on the stairs, so far have had to go ‘sweep’ it off 5 times in order to continue reception.

Riggs wants everyone to know that he had his annual check up.  He has an ear infection and has to have medicine twice a day and that he is such a good boy that we don’t even have to chase him around to put the stuff in. What he is not so happy about is the vet said he was overweight, weighing in a 110 lbs just a few pounds less than his mom, so he is put on restricted rations and green beans.  He tried to tell the vet that he is just big boned but that just didn’t fly.  Oh well he wants to be trim when he sees his girlfriends, Jodie, Coco, and Sandy in Florida. He said I had to tell everyone about my check up too, boy he can be such a nag.  My cardiologist was very pleased and extremely happy that I had quit smoking. I told him I was not pleased about the fact that I was gaining weight. Well to show you why he is such a highly paid physician he gave me great advise about how to handle the weight gain, are you ready I’ll share the secret, “Eat less”.  Guess it’s nice to have a doc with a sense of humor. Other than a test to find out about water retention, he doesn’t want to see me for a year.  And thank you all for your comments and concerns.

My original intention was to be off from the restaurant to work on taxes (yuck) but first what better way to spend a cold snowy day than stocking up on the essentials.Mom'sgoodie's03-24-13a Mom'sgoodie's03-24-13c

sugar free gooey butter cookies, grandmas applesauce cake and chocolate gooey butter cookies.

Now this is what I call a survival kit.  By the way Karen this is what the cake was suppose to look like.  Last weekend when Karen and Steve were here, I was going to make the applesauce cake to have with our morning coffee. Andy and Samantha go geo-caching on Sundays with her friend Lisa…well they were all talking while I was measuring out the ingredients.  When I opened oven to take out the cake it was about 1 1/2 inches high and pale. Then it hit me I forgot the baking soda. Of course it would have been perfect and so delicious if I hadn’t been interrupted, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I did start the taxes but quickly got out of the mood, I guess working with numbers all day on a computer burns me out of doing it at home, and since we generally owe I have a tendency to procrastinate this chore.

Now Riggs is tall and the snow doesn’t bother him, but poor little Sadie’s legs are only about 6 inches long, and after all she is a girl, so doing her ‘business’ is a little uncomfortable in the snow.


Andyinsnow03-24-13a Andyinsnow03-24-13b

Boy what we will do for our fur kids, here’s Andy shoveling the yard so Sadie has a path.  Of course this was a couple of hours ago and you would never know he did it.  Another ‘pee’ run will have to be made.

This reminded me for some reason of those big hats the British guards at the palace wear.Birdmotel03-24-13a

Well I don’t think the kids are going to have a problem finding the eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt unless they forgot to dye them.  :-)

Well guess that’s about it from here. starting to wonder if I ought to start now to make the 27 mile trek to work for tomorrow. St Louis doesn’t handling snow very well.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna…….


  1. Yikes...it's obviously too soon to start heading north!


  2. looks like a winter wonderland in your neighbourhood! the snow storm even made our local news here in British Columbia!

  3. Ok you convinced me, I'm staying put here in Arizona.... We almost got up to 80 today......

  4. Burr, looks too cold for me, glad both doctors appointments went well!