Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday Mumblings.

Since it was Saturday, I waited until 05:30AM, then I got up and had coffee, Donna slept in a little longer, since she didn’t have to go to the Truck company.

About 08:00AM our guests, Karen & Steveo, were up at  em, and came in and we all had more coffee, and some Gooey Butter Cookies ,Donna had just baked. The we spent the morning in pleasant conversation just renewing what has been going on in both our families,

Steveo even got into a rousing board game of Sorry with my Granddaughter Nicky, who soundly trounced him.


                               Steveo & Nicky…

Donna & Karen went out for some shopping, and Steveo went for a ride with my Son Andrew in his Jeep Grand Cherokee, to see if they could tell what a noise was in the front end. Ended up Andy put bigger tires on it and the tires rubbed on the inside of the edge of the fender when it was turned tight. He is going to lift it a couple inches to fix that.He thanks Steveo for his help in finding it.

Donna had to go in to the Restaurant at 4:00PM so about 12:30PM Steveo,Karen & Myself headed south to South St Louis and Pestalozzi St. for the Budweiser Brewery tour.Donna rested up at home for her shift.


                             The front facade.

Karen & Steveo03-16-13a Karen & Steveo03-16-13b Karen&Steveo-03-16-13c Karen&Steveo03-16-13d

                      Karen & Steveo on the tour…


                           The Speaker Rock.




                        Dalmatian, horses companion.

Karen, Sam & Steveo03-16-13a                                         Ah it’s beer time.

After the tour we headed back to O’Fallon in the Tracker, We decided to stop at JJ’s where Donna works for some supper, Everyone had a great meal.


                            Karen,Steveo, Donna & Sam..

After dinner we went home to the Ranch, and being full and tired we decided after a little while to call it a night.

What a great day, even the pups had fun.

Rigg's,Duke,&Duchess03-12-13a Rigg's,Duke,&Duchess03-12-13b

Rigg’s and his Wisconsin buddies Duke & Duchess.

I told Karen I was going wait until Sunday and then post a combine blog, but I got up at 01:45AM with leg cramps, so here it is.

Hope everyone is having as a good a weekend as we are.

Please be safe out there.. Sam & Donna………………


                                        THE END.


  1. Well have we ever heard of unphotogenic, I think I am the poster child. thoguth about deleting before Sam got up, but oh well what can an old lady do?
    It's great having Karen and Steve, if you ever get a chance meet them, you'll never meet anyone as kind and fun loving as this couple.

  2. Bwaaahahaaahaaaa Just like Judy and Emma's blog with "THE END" !!!!

    Lazy us just got up, perking coffee now and will be in the house in a bit. I didn't even get my blog done yet, so you can't copy mine!

    (sorry about the cramps)

    Your crazy New Orleans Weathermen said 2-4 inches of snow overnight! The ground is clear, and no snow. What is up with that?

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. Great photos! Always nice to get together with fellow bloggers. Looks like you all had a good time.

  4. What a fun time you guys had together. And Donna, I cringe every time I see a picture of myself. I can't figure out who that fat old lady is. Thank goodness we're at an age where nobody cares. I love those Clydesdales. Sam - sorry about your leg cramps. Been there, done that and hate it.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time, always nice when two of our favorite blogging couples get together.

  6. What fun that was.. I love the Clydesdale horses...Their stalls are nicer than my house!

  7. You guys are just having too much fun. Would love to see those Clydesdales. Hope your leg cramps are better Sam. Remember to drink lots of water and eat a banana every day.

  8. My Dad, and brothers toured the Brewery when they went to a St Louis Cardinals game. They loved it! I was looking for the horses when scrolling down the pictures, they are so gorgeous.

  9. Sounds like a great meet up. The brewery tour would be fun, especially seeing the Clydesdales!

  10. I see they haven't made those sample beer glasses any bigger since we were there some years ago.... LOL

    But it is fun seeing where the master brew is made...

    Its fun to have friends stop by and be able to go out on tour with them....