Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, October 10, 2014


We left yesterday for our trip to Branson for Sam’s reunion with some of his Navy buddies from the Together We Serve group. When we got Riggs in the truck and told him we were going on a trip and no Charlie for a week, this was his reaction


Boy was it a long and tiring day. We had rain, more like downpour, the entire way. The kind of rain where you could only see about 10 feet in front of your hood. Not fun. Neither Riggs or I had eaten all day so a few miles out we stopped at a KFC for bathroom break and food. Well Riggs and I split a 10 pc nuggets. Just something to tide us over. We got drenched just getting to truck. Wet humans, wet dog…boy our truck smells nice

I called Alice Workentine to see what weather was like in Branson when we were about 50 miles out…she told me sunny and nice….woohoo. sure enough we get into Branson and there is the sun.


Great we will be able to get set up without getting drenched. Yeah right. We made it to he Blue Mountain RV park where Sam’s buddy Don Lewis had made reservations for us.  Uh Oh its clouding up! Sam quickly starts getting in set up mode, my job, keep Riggs out of the way.  Ok all set up time to put out slide….well that was short lived. Sites are tiered and the patio area with wooden rails next to us is too close, cant open slide all the way.  Time to un-set up and try to move closer to the right…owner comes by and tells us just take the spot all the way at the top, its bigger and no obstructions. And as it turns out Sams friends fiver is in shop and he is staying at hotel next to the park.

We have a leak somewhere, think kitchen window as some things are wet..  And inverter is acting up. lights dim and then get bright again…and furnace wont kick on…oh the joys of a camper.

Don and his wife Carol came by and we chatted for a few hours and made arrangements to go to breakfast together.

Didn't sleep all that well besides my normal insomnia, stormed all night and the oak tree next to us kept dropping its acorns on the roof.  Riggs apparently didn’t have same problem that I did


Since he won’t out in the rain until he absolutely positively has to, his record is 18 hours, he only made it to 15 1/2 this time.

Don and Carol came by and picked us up for breakfast. We went to a small place called Donnie’s they said it is one of their favorites.  Food was good so was service. We will meet up with them again at 600 for the meet and greet and the Grand Hotel for opening of the Together We Serve festivities


Don and Carol                   Sam and I.

That's all for now. Everyone have a great day, and anyone with any pull, please make this rain stop!


  1. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!! Make the most of your time away. As for the problems...........that's just camping stuff. Happens to all of us, especially me.

    Paul and Helen

    The Girls say Woof to Riggs.

  2. Sorry we missed you when we were in Missouri. Had moved on already before I got your comment. We will be back that way again as we have family there, hope to catch you then. Looks like Riggs is enjoying the trip/ :)

  3. Oh my, I was getting the willies just thinking about all that stress. Hope things have settled down by now.

  4. Hope you get all the troubles with Chappy resolved...Have fun and stay dry!

  5. Nothing interrups a lab's sleep, except maybe when his stomach is growling!