Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Dixie Stampede.


Sunday dawned with no rain, first time since Wednesday, the sun came out and it started to warm up a little.

We were both really looking forward to seeing it, as many times as I have been to Branson , have never gotten to this particular show. Well boy are we glad we did. It is really a first class act,

Before you enter you can tour the stable.


Then you go in and they have a pre show which was a great juggling act. You are not allowed any photography inside the arena, I can understand why, all those strobe flashes might disturb the animals and actors.

The show in the arena started and what a show, all kinds of equestrian acts, wagon, and barrel races, they divide the audience into Northerners and Southerners and both sides compete against each other.

The most amazing are the Bison and Longhorn acts, these huge animals perform like pro’s.

They also have chicken races where kids from the audience get chickens to run the length the arena to see who wins.

Dinner was a whole Cornish hen with potato ,corn, soup and a drink. more, food than we could finish.

All in all a great night out.

When we got back, Donna called Bridgett and John Hatch, they had made it in to town, so we will be meeting them at 11:00AM at Mel’sHard Luck CafĂ© for lunch on Monday.

That’s about it, the forecast for today is rain again, Tuesday is supposed to be sunny.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna……


  1. Now, that sounds like a ton of fun!

  2. That was one of our favorite stops when we were there years ago. Glad you had such a good time.

  3. Never been to Branson, but we go-this will be on the list:)

  4. I can't get Dennis to Branson..He avoids any touristy place if at all possible..The Stamped sounded like lots of fun, though...Tell FD 5 and his bride hello from the Crazy Caves.

  5. So after the chicken race they feed them to you for dinner? Do I have that right?

  6. Wondering if it's the slowest and smallest chickens that are the ones you got fed.

  7. Question here....any idea why your site is so jittery? The whole thing just flickers. Very hard to read. Other sites don't do this so isn't my computer. Could it be your blog template?