Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Meanderings.

Had a nice weekend here at the ranch, today is another sunny and warm day, Donna is working the day watch at Walgreens.

Rigg’s is taking advantage of a warm sunny day and spending some time out in the yard. Charlie is running around and looking for stuff to get into. He is now buddies with Rigg’s and doesn’t pester him all day to play. Rigg’s just lets him know when he has had enough and he entertains himself.


                Here they are in a rousing game of tug.

Sadie still just wants  Charlie to leave her alone, she is happy to be up on a lap or a bed when Charlie is out running.Even with Rigg’s Sadie was never one to be big on play time.

Thy all three head to the door when someone looks like they are going to leave, puts a hat on or mentions the word car or truck.

Tomorrow I will go to the store and get stuff for the fiver and make it all set and ready to leave Thursday morning.

Donna is off tomorrow so we will both make sure we have what clothes we are taking packed and the wash done.

Nor much else today. be good to get out for a week or so and back in Chappy.

Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna………


  1. I hope you have a great time. It's so nice to get away, but then also nice to come home.

  2. It's been waaay too long since we have been in our Hiker...If it keeps raining every day, we won't get outta here until December!!

  3. Sounds like Charlie is fitting right in there with the family scene!


  4. Donna is still working at Walgreens? Did I miss something?