Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday Musings.

A surprise start to our normally dull weekday routine here at the ranch. My Son Andy’s girlfriend Samantha was driving home from her overnight shift at the Marriot this morning when a small beagle pup ran into the road in front of her car. she stopped and got out to make sure it hadn’t been hit and with that the puppy jumped in her car and didn’t want to get out, IT had no collar or way to tell where it came from and was in a shopping area near Walmart. So Samantha brought him , it’s boy looks to be about 4 or 5 months old.

When the vet opened Samantha took him there and he does not have a chip.

So back he came to the ranch.Evidently he finds the Weeb Ranch an exciting place  with big Rigg’s to play with, Sadie doesn’t much like his rambunctious puppy nature, but Rigg’s is always game for a new playmate.

Donna made calls to all the Vets and shelters around and no one has reported she put his picture on the Dardenne Prairie FB page, but so far no calls. When she called the County Animal control, they wanted to come out and pick it up, but they are not a no kill shelter, and Donna told them no we would rescue him if he needed a home.

He has moved himself in and made himself at home, has already found all of Riggens toys and put them on Riggens bed so thy are handy for playtime. Donna decided we will call him Charlie, It has also been decided that if there is no way to find his owners. We will Rescue him and let him stay here as a forever home.


                          Here’s Charlie.


As usual Rigg’s is allowing the little guy to win in tug.


            I got all the toys Rigg’s. lets play now.


                    Oh Boy I got a new big brother.


This tug wears a guy out, I’m going to lay by Rigg’s.


Rigg’s this place has everything, a big kitchen, a big yard, a good Mom & Dad. What more could a little pup want.

How many of you have noticed he looks like John & Bridget Hatch’s dog Fred, We noticed it right away, this morning. Now when he meets Fred he will have another friend.

Well that’s the breaki9ng news here in Dardenne Prairie today, Hope all is well with all our friends. Be safe. Sam & Donna……..


  1. Awww...you're wonderful. I would have done the same thing, no way he would have gone to THAT shelter. Beagles are great dogs, if you can get past their howl. Good for you. I'm sure Riggs and Charlie will have a great time together.

  2. He sure is a cute little guy. I wish a black lab would jump into my car - that's about the only way I'll ever get one.

  3. Bless your generous hearts! Hope it works out for everyone. Charlie is awfully cute!! Helen

  4. Charlie is a cutie and hopefully he will be a permanent addition to your ever growing family of dogs!!

  5. Charlie looks like he has settled in as if this was where he was headed all along. Thank you for taking him in!

  6. Thank you so much for opening up your hearts and home to a wonderful friend for Riggs. He is such a sweetheart.