Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

Donna had a rough night, between a fever and weakness and trips to the bathroom she didn’t get much sleep. She was still feverish this morning so as soon as Walmart opened I went there to get some Theraflu, and Nyquil Donna says the Theraflu works the best for her, I like the Nyquil so I bought it in case she passed anything on to me. When I got up this morning the heater we bought in Indiana gave up the ghost, the heating element broke off at the bottom where it connects to the post. So I bought a new space heater. Since the trailer was cold and Donna said the furnace wasn’t working. When I got back I set it up and I also tried the furnace and it fired right up so the fiver was toasty warm in now time. After breakfast Donna laid back down and her fever broke and about 01 :00PM she got up and said she was feeling a little better. so we will see what the weather looks like down in Hot Springs, The is supposed to be sunny for the next three day and temps in the 70’s. Were hoping because it’s a couple hours further south it might be clear and warm down there.

Hope all is well with our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna. PS Rigg’s says he’s enjoying his camping trip too.


  1. Soooo glad her fever broke...Tell her to keep up that Thera flu...I'm with you , I like the Nyquil better..Lately I have been living on Sudafed PE...

  2. Glad to hear Donna is feeling so much better. I'm a Nyquil fan also. I sure do sleep good when I take some.