Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday in Branson.

We had a great day Monday, Although it was cloudy and cool and spitting rain on and off. We met John & Bridgett Hatch, at Mels Hard Luck Diner, If you haven’t heard of it it is a small place mostly a lunch stop, but they have very talented waiter and waitresses that sing to you while you are dining,Really talented young people and very entertaining, an enjoyable eating experience and the food is good too.

Sam,DonnaJohn & Brdgett10-13-14a

After lunch we went back to see John & Bridgett’s new motor home. and set a spell and visit. Of course Fred was just tickled to have visitors, and hopped from one to another to get constant attention.



John&Bridgett Hatch10-13-14a

                                 John & Bridgett.

We hated to leave, but we will meet up again with them in Tuscon at the Escapade in March.

We went back to the Campground as Donna was feeling beat and just relaxed.

Donna ended up with some kind of flu.

Hope she is better tomorrow, we haven’t decide whether to go on south to Hot Springs or head home, depends on how she feels and if the weather gets any better.

Be safe out there. Sam &Donna..

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