Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, October 3, 2014


Another rainy stormy day, Not as much thunder as yesterday but still a windy and nasty day.

Charlie has thoroughly inspected his new domain and evidently approves. He is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to get in trouble.

You forget how much stuff a puppy gets into. some of it is hilarious, he stole one of Donna’s bedroom slippers and led her on the merry chase. Once she got it from him she hung it on the top of a kitchen chair. So he promptly jumped up and got it and took off with it again.You could just see the wheels turning as he was thinking of how to get it.


                   Charlie & his pal Rigg’s.


They just noticed Donna putting a pie together.


                           Hi Dad I’m resting now.

He does slow down and rest on the doggie bed for about 3 minutes at a time, then it’s back to playtime.

Thank God Rigg’s is such a gentle Ben and good natured, Charlie thinks nothing of grabbing his ears and pulling, Rigg’s doesn’t even acknowledge it. Plus Charlie has learned when Rigg’s has enough and will now look for other mischief to get into.

It looks like it will be a long puppyhood, I can remember when Rigg’s was a pup, luckily he had his big brother Zep to play with and show him the ropes.

cherry pie10-03-14a

                      Donna’s Cherry Pie.

Monday we will start making sure all is packed and stocked in the fiver as we will be leaving Thursday morning. We have decided to stay a couple extra days so we can meet up with John & Bridgett Hatch, they are due in Branson on the 13th. Our reunion is over on the 12th.

That’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Now how can you not fall in love with that face??? You can just see the wheels turning, can't you???

  2. You seem to be intent on keeping Charlie, but he needs to show Riggs a little more respect, IMHO. I think I'd be looking for another home for him.

  3. Are you taking both dogs???Boy, you two are brave if you are!

  4. Nice to see you and
    charlie enjoying each other! Is he going camping? Helen

  5. Yep, I was going to ask if Charlie was going with you? Riggs will get Charlie put in his place soon enough and show him the ropes. He really is a cutie!