Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, October 17, 2014


We decided against going to Hot Springs, with me not feeling well decided it would be a waste if I could not get out and walk around to see everything.  I want to thank everyone for their kind words and concerns. I think because I am on daily antibiotics that it helped shortened whatever it was that hit me. Oh well, it saved us money, before being sick weather was so yuck did not do any shopping wanted to wait until rain stopped. Well rain stopped and I got sick so no shopping. 1st thing my son asked What no t-shirts? Of course he was just yanking my chain. We did miss out on having lunch with Glenda and Jim, they are full timers that travel in a Casita they driveway camped at our place a couple of years ago, and with Bridget and John Hatch. Didn't think spreading my germs or throwing up at the table was a good idea.


This is our site at the Blue Mountain campground. Other than the acorns sounding like mini bombs it was very quiet, and reasonable $23.00 a day and 7th night was free.

If you’ve never been to Branson you really should put it on your list. Yes its touristy, but there is so much to do from zip lining to first class shows, train rides, Silver Dollar City..and shopping and food galore. And since its economy is recreational based the people are friendly and helpful.  But just don't get in a hurry. Mostly 2 lane roads and long lines. We were west of Silver Dollar City when we left this morning traffic headed west to SDC was bumper to bumper for 5 miles.


This was just a normal trip to town the other day, you can see traffic is up the hill and around the curve. Remember also this is the off season.


Dee Walters this ones for you!


Little shopping village behind Bass Pro.


Many of you can take such wonderful pictures from cars but apparently I’m not one of them. Branson is very very hilly and you can see a very long distance.

On drive home saw signs for worlds largest candy store and gift shop. So being the chocoholic that I am we had to stop. What a disappointment, here I thought I would be walking into chocolate heaven.  They had about 10 varieties of fudge and half a dozen types of bark. Rest was bins of tootsie rolls, snickers, hard candy and taffy to my mind all over priced. 3 pcs of fudge were $11.00.

CandyFactory10-17-14a GiftStore10-17-14a

We arrived home, Charlie immediately jumped all over Riggs ad they played and played. Sadie was all over Sam and I, she missed her grandparents.

Also, Sam put out 2 blogs the other day and I think many of you might have missed the Monday blog. It included our lunch with Bridget and John Hatch and then back to their place for some Fred time.  Those of you who know Bridget know that she has a wonderful infectious laugh and you cant help but be happy around this gal.

Now comes the worse part of any trip, tomorrow unloading the fiver YUCK.

Y’all be safe and happy travels


  1. Glad you're back safe and pretty sound. As for tomorrow....... we remove the perishables and shut off the refrigerator. The rest we take care of when we get the chance or we need something in the RV. Slow down, take it easy, what you don't need is a relapse.

    Paul and Helen (and the girls, of course)

  2. We were so disappointed as we were scheduled to be in Branson 1st week of Sept. with our group nomadsumc.org. Health issues forced us to cancel. But lucky us they are returning in 2016. Donna, stay healthy please.

  3. We hope to get to Branson one day. Actually, I was there in the 60's when it was just starting. I liked it then.

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't feeling the greatest, but it sounds like you managed to have a good time. Not shopping probably saved you lots of $$!