Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day-Sunday

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's and Granddad's out there. I started mine with coffee, then went down to read some blog's, about 08:30am it was already almost 80 degrees so I headed to the filling station for can of gas for my buddy John ( Deere). Then when I got back I got John out of the garage and we started on the 2 acres of grass, got sidetracked in the middle of the job when I noticed the center blade just wasn't cutting like I liked it so I went to the garage and jacked it up and pulled the blades off and took them over to the grinder and sharpened them, sharpening 3 blades was about 15 minutes a piece so by the time I was back on the tractor the temperature, was 90 degrees, needless to say when I finished about 12 noon I was hot and beat. Had two glasses of cold soda and two peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, funny how a little work in the hot sun can make you so hungry.

My Father's Day present is my Son and his girlfriend Samantha are going to dinner with Donna& I along with Adam my Grandson. Andy went to pick him up today and then spend Father's day with him.

Also one of my favorite bloggers Karen in the Woods. Rving-Small House-Big Backyard has a brother in law that is undergoing treatment for cancer, He and Karen's sister have no insurance and their son Christopher has built a stock car for a demolition derby called the Cancer Crasher, He is trying to raise funds for his Dad's medical bills, As some of you might know I lost my younger brother Rick to cancer on 12-31-2009, He also love stock car racing. I told Karen to send me her sisters address so I could make a donation in my brothers name. I normally don't ask for help but this is such a good cause, that if someone feels they would like to make a small donation I am sure Karen's sister sorely needs the help, you can get the address from Karen or E-mail me. Thank you so much for listening to my appeal.

Okay I am just going to lay around until it is time to get ready to go out for my Father's Day dinner. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.



  1. Happy Father's Day to you too Sam! Sounds like you all have a nice evening planned....very special.
    I read on Karen's blog about the cancer fundraiser and thought it was a terrific idea. Please send me the address or information that I might need. e-mail: happytrailsga@yahoo.com Thanks!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Happy Father's Day, Sam. Enjoy the dinner with your family!

  3. Happy Father's Day Sam - sure hope you have a great dinner with your family! I have enough trouble with a 1 blade John Deere let alone having 3 blades to worry about!

  4. AWww how nice is that! They are sure doing all they can to rise above and conquer this. He has stage 4 bone cancer and the surgery and rigorous radiation has taken a real toll on their finances. They are also RV people and love camping... anxious for him to feel better and get through this to go camping again.

    Mike and Linda Andersen
    P.O. box 86
    Gaastra, MI 49927

  5. Loved the family pictures...especially the 3 generations of male Weibels! How is the "house for sale" going?? I would be chomping at the bit! Check our blog on Wednesday..I'm doing trains just for you!!