Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Musings

Today started as usual at 04:30am I went in the kitchen and took my pills and poured my coffee and I noticed my bride Donna was sitting in her usual chair in the living room watching early AM TV, When I came in she looked really tired and I said "are you ok hon.." That's when she said not really I didn't sleep hardly at all and I feel really tired, I already called and told them I wouldn't be in to work today. This always scares me because Donna doesn't miss work for anything, and I remember all to well her heart incident where she was tired and ended up with three blocked arteries. Anyway she laid down and slept until around 09:00am. Today was my every three month checkup at my doctors so I talked Donna into coming with me since she uses him also. Well thankfully everything was fine my numbers were all good and Donna is feeling a lot better now.

So after the doctors visit I  asked her if she would mind stopping at the camera store with me as they had called and told me what they would allow on my old 35mm equipment toward the Canon I was looking at. It isn't the biggest but it was what our budget could afford and had all the features plus HD video and stereo sound.

The trade in brought the price down some more and we could afford it and a three year replacement policy that includes even if its dropped or mishandled, that is always good for a spiller first class like I am. Anyway here is the new hot setup for the Weibel clan.


                         It's a Canon SX20-IS

I spent the last week getting reviews on it from sites on the internet and it has a lot of satisfied users, in fact there was only one negative response and it was over something I would term not important to me.

Now I will have to enroll in a college level class to try to figure out what everything does, it has buttons for everything including fireworks. Oh well 40 years ago I remember having to deal with light meters and exposure settings and fill flash, and darkroom procedures, so I guess this is welcome to the digital world, Boy the little Lumix is so simple to run. That by the way is what took it's big brothers picture above.

I felt so good about the day that I took my bride to Bob Evans for a nice hot lunch on the way home, I told her if she had a full belly and took a nice nap after lunch when we got home she would probably be back to feeling her old self in the morning, she did take the night off from the restaurant too, so maybe she will be rested.

Now that's the big news from Dardenne Prairie, Oh yes Judy from Travels with Emma asked me in a comment about if Donna & I were still going to go fulltime this summer, Well the answer is, we would leave tomorrow if the house sold, but the economy just isn't helping us and as others who have gone through this recently know The date might get pushed back unless we get either a sale, or some other opportunity avails itself. I might have to amend the ABOUT US to reflect this later in the summer. But Our plans are YES we want to fulltime, so we are being as patient as possible and starting to clear out closets and make little preparations for when we do sell. Thanks for everyone's concern. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Waiting for something important is sooooo hard!!!

    We have plans for next year but ...... liberating our finance is not going to be as simple as I hoped.

    Glad to hear Donne is OK, and you of course.

  2. You are being realistic about your full-timing plans, and that's good. So many people are having to change their plans because of the poor economy.

    Hope Donna got caught up on sleep and feels better. Congratulations on your good checkup!

    Your new camera looks great! I know what you mean about learning to use it. I'm thinking I need to take a class to learn Picasa.

  3. So glad things checked out okay for Donna... (and you too!)

    Sometimes a day resting in bed is a good thing!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Man that SX20 looks like a lot of camera for not too big of price! It is way beyond a point and shoot with features more like a DSLR. You should have much fun pushing that shutter!!!!

  5. Sooo glad to hear Donna is doing better. I totally understand that at one point in time, the old bod' says...SLOW DOWN..I CANNOT KEEP UP!! Sleep deprevation is something we all experience...A hot toddy, a warm bath, some nice relaxing music...and hit the sack by 8PM...That is the prescription from Dr. D.J. Cave....give Riggens and Sam a big wet kiss...and call me in the morning....Keep in touch!!!

  6. Hope Donna gets a good night's sleep and has a good rest this evening. You and Rigg's better take good care of her!! Nice camera! Congrats - I went back and forth between that one and the Canon G10 I eventually bought. I only bought the G10 because it was more compact for me. You'll love the pics on that - just put it on full auto and shoot away. I tried all the manual setting stuff but now I just use the auto setting unless it's a special setting like sunsets, fireworks, beach or snow etc.

  7. I am sure I speak for everyone here in the wish that the house sells ASAP. Both of you take care of yourselves.

  8. I remember so well waiting to sell our house...waiting is hard. It will happen, you guys just hang in there.
    Glad Donna got some rest and hopefully she is feeling better. Also glad the doctor reports were good. :)
    I like that new camera!! Canon is a great camera. Now we look forward to seeing those pics!!

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  9. I'm glad after your early morning that the two of you are better now! When you find that college course, let me know and maybe we can go together. I also have invested in a new camera! Mine is an Olympus SP-800UZ. I charged the battery and put all the things together ~ took and deleted two pictures of one of the kitties ~ and now the thing is just sitting here looking at me... It's kind of freaked me out a bit.

    maybe tomorrow.....

  10. Donna needs to slow down and take it easy making money not everything.

    Life is short enjoy..

  11. Wow! That camera looks great! I never thought of talking with a camera shop to try to get a trade-in deal. Good idea. Glad you and Donna had everything check out okay at the doc's office. Take care. The Camp Host Housewife (By the way, we are renting our house in Tucson so that we can be on the road fulltime.)

  12. Congrats on the new Canon. So many models & features to choose from these days & the best part is that in this digital age it is hard to make a wrong decision or take a bad picture. Not like the old 35mm days when every shot was a crap shoot. A poor night's sleep is always scary the following day because so many iffy health symptoms rear their ugly heads. A good night's sleep the following night generally clears all the bad guys out of the system......

  13. Happy to hear Donna is feeling better. Now I'm waiting to see some "out of this world" shots of Dardenne Prairie! :)

  14. nice camera..we have the same one!!..good choice..hope you enjoy using it!!!