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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Got up at 04:30am, coffee with Donna , then she was off at 05:30am to the truck company, I did some running yesterday and decided to look for the weather radio with alert and the features I wanted. I went to Bass Pro which has a super store in St Charles MO. Randy Warner of WarnerRVNews  had reviewed an Eton Brand radio that I liked for $49US. I found out after the 20 mile drive that they were out and they have discontinued the item. On the way home I stopped at the Radio Shack in O'Fallon MO. Low and behold they had the same model , only labeled as a Red Cross Emergency Radio of the Eton radio Model FR360 for the same price. It has a rechargeable battery, that is charged by either solar,a hand crank, or an optional 6v wall plug. It also has a battery back-up of (3 AAA cells not included). It has all seven weather channels with the alert feature for all, also AM-FM for emergency broadcasts. This can be used in all types of power situations from sun, to batteries to house current or none at all.
          Eton Weather & Emergency Radio Model FR360
It will occupy a place of prominence in the kitchen at home and then in the RV when we are out in it. Haven't had a weather alert since I bought it but we are waiting for one now and hopefully ready for it.
Well not much going on so far today, Andy and Donna are at work and if it doesn't get to hot I will get some 30:1 mix gas for the chain saw and start on the tree or what's left of it behind the house, I don't expect to finish it in one day, but will try to get what I can without help.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Sam, It says in your "About Us" section that you and Donna are hoping to go fulltime this summer. Is that still your plan? Just wondering... :)

  2. Smart move on buying that weather radio, Sam. However, I sincerely hope you never have to hear a weather alert on it!! Good to be ready just in case though.

  3. Thanks for the update about the weather radio, Sam. We don't have a Bass Pro Shop near us, but we will look for the radio at Radio Shack.

  4. Weather radio..Ah, yes...like the one that is UPSTAIRS in our bedroom. We should bring it down, but Den thinks it is more important upstairs..We DO have a police scanner in our kitchen, so that will suffice for the downstairs. The weather radio is on our "camping list"..(If we didn't make a list, we would forget a TON of stuff!)

  5. I've been reading your blog ~ came over from Judy and Emma. Glad you got a weather radio and hope you get to full-timing soon! Also hope you never get to use the radio!!! Here at home I listen to our civil defense guys who go out and watch storms when they come. We have a radio in the motorhome, but have never turned it on... however, after the storms this year that seem to aim for campgrounds, I may just have to do that... IF we ever get to go.....

    another Judy

  6. We found that same weather radio at the Radio Shack in LaGrange and then we read about the Midland 300 so Mike wants to take a look at that one before we purchase. It is a great purchase and one that is unfortunately necessary. I hope your radio NEVER sounds an alarm but I am glad you all have it just in case. It is best to stay safe!! By the way, I really like that red color!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. We're on the lookout for the same type of radio ourselves. Glad you were able to find one...hope you never have to take shelter due to a tornado! Better to be safe than sorry.

  8. Great radio! I can't believe how early you get up. What time do you go to bed???

    How's the Wonderdog doing?


  9. That is a great radio Sam. The Red Cross is very careful with items they put their name on.
    Speaking of bad weather....we have had three tornadoes over the past 11 days here. Over 1100 homes damaged in some way. Bob