Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Musings

Got up at 04:30am and as I poured my coffee Donna said look out the back window, I said why, and she said didn't you hear that storm last night, it took out the tree behind the house, I said which one and she said the Bradford Pear, Well truthfully I never heard the storm so there's another one for Donna to tell about like the tornado I slept through. The tree missed the back of the house by about a foot. We were really lucky, Donna said the storm had woke her up and next thing she knew there was a loud snap and thudding noise and Rigg's started barking like crazy and running around by the back door. That's when she saw the tree was down. Good to see ole Rigg's on the job trying to protect his Mommy. I had to wait till the sun was up to go look at the damage and take some pictures.







Didn't see any scorch marks so I don't think lightening did the job; I think the wind gusts were the culprit. Now I will have to wait for a cooler day that's not in the 90"s to cut the remains up and stack it.

Bradford Pears are not noted for being very sturdy and this one had an encounter with a storm about 15 years ago and lost a limb, who knows that might have weakened it and set it up for this one.

But that my friend's is the big news for today in Dardenne Prairie, it won't make the papers though because we don't have a newspaper in this small town. If I go to the store later I'm sure someone will say Hey Sam, hear you lost that pear tree in the storm the other night. Aren't small towns great.Al of  The Bayfield Bunch knows how that is, Maybe since he lives in a small town he might have heard about it already. If not he can see it here.

Donna just sent me an E-Mail from work telling me of another weather disaster at an RV Park in Michigan, I had to quick try to remember if I had any blogger friends in that area, such a tragedy. another life lost. Please take everyone's advise and buy a weather radio that automatically broadcasts a warning like a fire radio, then for God sakes leave it on while your sleeping in your rig.

Before I say goodbye, Rigg's wanted to say a few words, I guess he had quite a night.

"What happened last night Mom ?

all the noise what was going on.

Well Riggs that was a bad storm that came thru.

Wasn't I brave when that terrible scrapping noise was coming from the driveway !

Yes, Riggs you sure were, That was our dumpster that was blown over and took a little ride down the driveway.

And then there was that terrible crashing noise in the back yard.  I saw a big thing laying right across my run, and another

thing laying on the wood rack and scraping the house......Boy, I barked and growled I sure didn't want it coming closer

to the house, after all it's my job to protect you and it was awful big and looked like it was still moving...You told me it was

okay, but I wasn't so sure. Finally it stopped moving and I stopped barking, but I laid right by that back door to make sure

you were safe.....I was very brave wasn't I ?

Yes Riggs you were very brave, and the big thing was my beautiful Bradford Pear tree.  After it split in half and fell what

you thought was it moving was just the branches moving in the wind....But you were very brave to stand guard at the

back door and protect me...Job well done it didn't come any closer after you barked at it.

Well, Mom, that's my job". Yes Rigg's and Dad's proud of you too.

That's about it for now, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. There seems to be alot of this storm business going around. So glad your house was not hit and nobody injured.
    Riggs is brave..our Golden, Cody, is terrified of storms. Bless his heart. If he is close to us he is ok so we try to always be home if a storm is coming.
    You guys stay safe and you are right...everybody needs that weather radio.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Looks like you were pretty lucky that the pear tree didn't hit your house and do some damage - or worse. You've got a good guard dog there in Rigg's, he did a great job.

  3. WOW! Looks like the Wind God did a number on the Pear Tree..Hey, maybe some of that wood could be used for smoking when you're grilling..NO, I DID NOT MEAN SMOKING AS IN "LIGHTING ONE UP"..I mean smoking as in creating a smokey flavor for ribs..Our weather really dried out and the humidity is down..Thank God..I totally agree about the weather radio...It is attached to us at the hip when we travel...Keep on bloggin'!!

  4. That Riggs is a brave guy for sure. I'm glad that your home....and you guys....were not injured with your near miss. Sorry about that lovely tree though.

    Have a safe day.

  5. That was a lucky miss but sad about the tree. You'll miss it.

    Weather makes me nervous. You never know whether it's going to turn nasty or fizzle out.


  6. I just hate loosing a tree. They take about half your life to grow and are gone in an instant in these storms. But your headed out on the road anyway, so beyond the work to clean it up perhaps the loss will only be a memory.

  7. Sam, you have a store in Brentwood according to their web site.


    The locations are listed in a drop down menu at the top of the site.