Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Donna was up and after coffee out the door to the truck company, I found Adam in our bed with me this morning and Donna said when she got up he had come in and told her he had a bad dream and could he lay by Grandpa. I got up with Donna and he slept undisturbed until around 07:30am. I went down to the computer and read some of the blogs I missed, Around 09:00am Adam and I went to Lowe's for a piece of 1inch inside diameter PCV pipe. I had a project in mind for the trailer, I took the pvc pipe and cut it to a length of about 24 inches, I drilled a hole near the bottom for a bolt and nut to go all the way through, then about 6 inches from the top I drilled another hole and tapped it for thr4eads for a twist nut. Then painted it with chrome paint. After it dried about 4 hours I attached it to the top of my rear ladder to act as a flag holder for my US Flag, the twist nut will hold the pole tight in the sleeve. This Idea I blatantly stole from Al of the The Bayfield Bunch .


                      Old flag holder on post



                          New holder on ladder

Total cost to get the flag up in the air, $2.26 US for the piece of pipe, the paint and two clamps were in the garage leftover from other projects.

Another gorgeous day here in Dardenne Prairie, sunny and 84 degrees with a little humidity. The A/C is running in the house. I took Adam home this afternoon when his Mom called and asked if he could go swimming with her and a girlfriend, that was a no brainer as Adam is part fish, so I dropped him off and told him maybe next week we will take Rigg's and go camping for a couple days at either the lake or the river. Donna doesn't mind if we go during the week when the parks are not crowded. On the way home I had to stop for a train at the crossing, while I was waiting for a couple seconds for the train to come by the guy behind me started to blow his horn, I guess he wanted me to drive through the gates in front of the train I was taking this picture as the guy was honking, what a jerk.


you can see it was just about at the crossing and was moving at a pretty good clip,After it passed I turned onto the highway and had to drive 70 to barely pass it. Imagine getting hit by a train that was probably going 60mph at the crossing, No Thanks.

Tonight Donna & I will enjoy a nice supper at home and then a quiet evening, my son Andy is out with his friends and Adam is with his Mom, the house will be spooky with no kids running and hollering, oh well maybe Rigg's will get excited over something.

Well that's it for today. be safe out there, Sam & Donna


  1. I love those handy, effective and cost effective ideas! Nice job on the flag holder.

  2. And Al bought that idea in Quartzsite Arizona a couple winter's back:))

  3. Very nice flag holder!
    Looks like you and Donna are going to have a nice quiet evening...I hope you all enjoy it and relax a bit.
    I love reading about you and Adam....he adores you!! Have fun!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Too bad that guy behind you honking was such a moron! Someday he may be sorry if he decides to cross in front of a fast moving train.

    Nice flag set-up, Sam!