Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home on Saturday

Got up about 05:00am and put the coffee on, made some pancakes for breakfast, and then about 06:30am I started with the packing and getting ready to leave, loading the camera gear and tripods in the truck and opening the cover for towing, got all the  hoses and the slide in, and then back under and hitched up, made sure the checklist including TV antenna was down, did a walk around, and then headed to the dump station, after dumping , I did my final walk around and about 07:30am I bed goodbye to Duck Haven, from what was a very pleasant three full days of relaxation and train watching, even met some new friends and helped on another awning job.

Headed south on Hwy 61 and made one short stop of about 30 minutes in Bowling green MO. I pulled into the drive in Dardenne Prairie at 10:45am, Donna came down and pulled her car out of the garage so I could put the truck in, what a gal. It didn't take 20 minutes and the trailer was back on life support on her pad until next time. Everything is working fine and nothing gave any problems on this trip.

After lunch, my son asked if I would look at his girlfriends Saturn as the air conditioner stopped working. I got my R-134a hoses and gauges and a can of R-134a and went out to look, the compressor wasn't turning so I had him turn it off and I hitched up the gauges, it looked like it was just low enough to keep the low pressure switch from turning the compressor on so I put about 1/2 lb in it and that brought it up enough for the compressor to start pumping, I then added about 1/4 lb more till it was at the operating pressure and Andy said oh boy will she be happy it's blowing cold now. Of course I told him they will have to watch it as it may have a leak, although it is several years old and has never had anything added so maybe they will be lucky and it will hold this charge for awhile.

Want to thank everyone for the nice comments on the trains from Fort Madison, I am always amazed on how many people I find out that actually like trains, like I do, in fact it is not limited to the male population as I have met several lady fans who enjoy watching them go by.

Oh yeah I got the treatment from Rigg's when I came through the door , he was beside himself with happiness that his Daddy was home, my son said he would go from room to room and stay by his side the whole time I was gone, every noise would have him running to the window to see if I was home. That kind of love and devotion money can't buy, tomorrow there is a trip to the doggie park in his future.

That's about it for now Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. I forgot to post..I do like trains..and my grandsons love them. a future trip someday to a train museum! lol
    You are right about the soul-mate..we just never really use that term around here...I left out tons of stuff that would of embarassed him and everyone else..lol He did read it before I published it tho.
    Thanks for the compliments.Someday we are all going to have to run in to each other and have a meal..and some of Donna's desserts!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Have a great time home until the next trip! Part of our fun is thinking about "where next???"

  3. Glad you made it home safely, Sam. Thank you for your nice comments about Iowa. I'll look forward to reading about your next camping adventure!

  4. Glad you had a safe trip back home! Those long weekends are nice to have and very relaxing. I bet Riggs was soooo glad to see you when you got home. He wondered why he couldn't go look at trains too. ha!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Glad you made the return trip safely. Yeah, we think trains are awesome. We took a ride on the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad with my Dad before he died. He was a train buff and he really enjoyed that ride. We did too.

    Riggs was probably wondering..."why didn't I get to go?"

    Happy Father's Day tomorrow, Sam.

  6. Love that picture of your rig in the blog header. The flag blowing in the breeze, the chair waiting for someone to sit and relax in...that's the life!


  7. I like the new header picture too! Is your TV dish stuck on the front of the rig?

  8. AWw great pic of the lawnchair waiting to view the trains in the background....

    We took a train ride up in Saulte Ste Marie, Canada on our honeymoon. It went up way into the canyons and stopped for a picnic lunch by some waterfalls, then changed out engines and pulled the same cars back down again. It was sooo much fun!

    In the winter they do it too, called the Snow Train. You stay overnight at a tiny town called Hearst, and then come back the next day. That is on our bucket list.

    Karen and Steve
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