Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday/Sunday Notes

Decided to combine Saturday and Sunday into one post, Saturday was a nice day, Adam played with his buddies until 12:20pm and then he said goodbye to his friends and Grandpa took him home to his Mom's in Warrenton MO. Just two more weeks and he will be coming back so he can go on a weeks vacation with us in the trailer.
After I dropped Adam off I came back and puttered around the house, Donna went off to the restaurant,  and that was it for the day.
Sunday which is today started with coffee with Donna, then some computer work, then Donna started to clean out our bedroom closet, we decided to start getting rid of everything we don't wear or might not fit, While we were doing this Rigg's decided he wasn't getting any attention so he went back to his stealing game.
Rigg's stealing06-27-10b
Rigg's stealing06-27-10a
This a shoebox from the closet he stole, he thinks I don't see him behind it.
He also wanted everybody to see his new reflectorized collar that has the big metal hook and ring on it so Dad can make him walk better on the leash. His Dad told him he would be safer at night in the campgrounds too.
          Rigg's new reflectorized black/silver collar
The picture above shows Rigg's is not a happy camper because Dad made him lie down after stealing a small plastic tote box for shoes and chewing it up. He is still just a kid at heart but such a big kid.
We keep hoping he will start to mellow but it looks like that will be awhile yet. He hasn't been neutered yet but we have decided that we aren't going to stud him out so that will be coming soon, Sam just hopes his voice doesn't change or he will have to learn how to sing soprano in the opera. Nothing much going on here it is a hot humid day so no outside work is planned, Donna is off so we will enjoy a dinner at home. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Cleaning out closets...my worst fear. When I open the door something will either fall on my head or hit me in the face. I cannot imagine trying to get ready to sell our home...Not that I would hate to leave it...But I WOULD hate the downsizing part..what to do with what...Give Riggens a big wet dog lips kiss for me..I just LOVE Black Labs!!!!

  2. In 1980 my husband (at that time), two daugthers and I stayed at a Motel in Warrenton, MO for 3 months while we were opening a manufacturing plant in Montgomery City. The motel was right on I70. Went off the exit and it sat up on a hill. It was on the left side of I70 headed west.

    I fell in love with MO during those months. We loved Herrman, MO. I can remember going to the county fairs especially one in Washington where we sat outside in over 100 degree heat waiting for Merle Haggard show.

    The summer of 1980 was extremely hot out there. Whew!

  3. We have started cleaning out every room getting rid of furniture to the kids.I need to start painting this fall.

    We have been lucky with Annie (2.5) she is so layed back she has never gotten into anything got her at 4 weeks mom could not feed 9 and she was the runt.Now Max is a story of his own.

    Keep the heat on the east side of the state.

  4. Sounds like a productive day...purging the closet. I was so surprised at how many things I kept in my closet that I no longer wore or even liked. What can I say...I'm a pack rat!!
    Riggs was trying to help get rid of things too. I hate to say it Riggs...but getting neutered will mellow you out.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Riggs, you are soooo funny....trying to hide in a shoebox. Love your reflective collar...the girls will all see you now since you glow in the dark.

  6. Riggs is so funny! That was a great pic you shot of him hiding his face in the shoebox.

  7. Wow, what a collar!! I had to put my shades on to look at it on the computer screen. Does it come with a dimmer switch? hehe!


  8. Emma says to tell Riggs not to worry. Getting "fixed" was a breeze, and it didn't calm her down one bit!!! :)