Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Snips.

Got up to a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, Sam had a job lined up ,yesterday when he was turning the water off in the basement he noticed a drip coming from one of the brass compression fittings where the house water filter is tapped into the copper water line. This morning at 08:00am when Lowes opened up Sam went and tried to get a fitting, he found out they don't have them anymore , but in there place they have a fitting that screws into the filter then then you tap the copper line into the other side and it seals just like that no tightening or Teflon tape or anything, he bought them and brought them home and in a few minutes the leak was fixed.

Rigg's is a happy guy today, Dad & Mom took him to the doggie park this morning and he got to run and swim for a couple hours.


                        C'mon Dad let's go in


                            A new friend Dad


Swim time with another new friend, this ones a girl Dad

Needless to say when he got home he was played out from all the running and swimming and socializing. This is a pretty big park area devoted to off leash dog running and has a couple acre lake that the dogs can use , all fenced and nicely maintained by the County Parks Dept. The only rule is you clean up after your pet. And it is only about 5 miles from home.

Donna noticed that the Wren family in the apartment by the wood rack of the Bird Motel have a new addition.


                               The Wren apartment


             The new Wren family addition

Donna said when the nest was being built, the Dad would bring twigs and could not figure out to get them into the hole as they wouldn't fit lengthwise, the Mom would grab them out of his mouth and then stuff them into the house. She said it was hilarious. I guess that shows us who's smarter.

Not much doing this afternoon I think I will try to talk Donna into Dinner out, so she doesn't have to cook since this is her only full day off a week.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.



  1. Love the idea of a dog park. I wish we had one nearby for Cody. He would really love it.
    The wrens are sooo cute. Our wrens built a very nice nest in my hanging basket but they never laid eggs in it. I don't understand. They worked so hard together (all three of them) and then they abandoned it. I was sure hopeing for some babies.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. That's a pretty nice looking dog park for Rigg's to play in. Glad to see he found a friend too!

  3. Hi Sam and Donna. I just posted Part II of Tools for the Road. http://acamphosthousewifesmeanderings.blogspot.com/ John carries only one jack - a three ton one. He thinks that will take care of everything he'll need. Of course we have the truck tire jack too.

  4. Male house wrens generally begin building several nests so that when their lady arrives, she has a choice. Then they both work on the final touches. They really like bird houses. :)

  5. I think that from all the hard work that Rigg's did to supervise that plumbing project, he well deserved the run in the Dog Park!

    Good boy.

    Karen and Steve

  6. Way to go, Riggs! That seems like such a nice dog park. We've been to some like that and they are really cool! Today we went to the "temporary dog park" in Fairbanks and it was not cool. They are planning a really nice park for the future, but it's not ready yet. We did meet a beagle but he wasn't too friendly. We played fetch, but the folks quit quickly because there was no water available for us to drink.

    More later,

    Jodie and Coco