Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Was up with my bride for coffee this morning, Rigg's was his usually Happy to be up with Mom & Dad self, "Oh boy, Oh boy it's Morning ,time to play, Oh Boy" Labs just are so wound up, of course that slows the coffee drinking pace down for me or I would spill most of it trying to give him his pets and hugs. I went down and turned the desktop computer on in my office, It's about a 4 year old Dell Dimension, oh no I got the dreaded blue screen, for those of you who haven't seen it, it says something to the effect that Windows XP has been shut down due to some problem, and if you added any new hardware to remove it, Blah, blah blah. Well I hadn't added any and once before I had this happen on my old computer and it was the kiss of death for the hard drive.
I went back up stairs trying to decide if I should make funeral arrangements for the computer and planning a trip to the computer store to see what would be cheaper, replacing the hard drive or the computer with a used one. I wanted to wait till we hit the road before investing in a brand new laptop for Donna.
I also fired the laptop up upstairs and while I was sulking I checked some blogs and debated sending a help e-mail to RICK in British Columbia. Although if he had a window facing the Midwest USA open he would have probably heard my grumbling and cussing.
I then busied myself with little things around the house till about 09:00am when I thought I would go down and try it again, nope still the same blue screen, so I figured why not nothing to lose I have an external backup drive I can get my perishable stuff off, so I decided to try and see if I could get it working. I took the Dell recovery disk out and put it in and turned it on and it found the dvd drive and I got a "hit any key to boot from cd" this took me to of all things a C:\ dos prompt. Remember those, I don't think I have seen one in ten years, but going back into the eighties when I worked for a short time part time for Computer City. I typed in CHKDSK sure enough it launched into a check of drive C:\ and found and corrected several errors. It also told me I had no bootcfg files. I typed in bootcfg /rebuild and I was amazed to see it adding files to rebuild my corrupted boot files. When it was done I shut it down and restarted it without the recovery cd in the dvd drive and it worked it's way to my desktop and I was back in the desktop business, I guess XP has backward technology because what I did is light years old.
I got an e-mail from Paul & Helen Tempesta, Jodie & Coco's  Dad & Mom, they have taken in a yellow Lab female named Sandy and nine 5 day old puppies from a Lab Rescue shelter to raise until they are old enough to find homes for them. What great folks, they did the same thing last year, by the way Jodie & Coco are both rescues and all are getting along fine. Thank God for people with their love of animals to open there home, let alone a lot of work so that these fine animals will have another chance in life,  Kudo's all around..Look at their site for pictures and the story of their new pups. Better yet I'll post a picture for you.DSC06493
                          Sandy, the proud Mom. Look at that light colored yellow pup trying to get to the first feeding position, that would be my first choice as a puppy.
I remember when I was in High School my Grandfather would say surround yourself with good people, people you would like to be like and who your parents would approve of. As I raised my boys I would tell them the same thing and Donna & I tried to choose friends in such a way, I remember her telling a friend to leave a party we were having because she wanted to smoke a joint, The reason I have brought this up is I have noticed that in the blogging family just about everyone we have met or corresponded with have turned out to be Good People, whether from the USA, Canada or Mexico, Blogging Rv'ers seem to go out of their way to help others and yes animals too. I am really happy to have such friends in my life. it's a tough act to follow but I hope I can live up to this description myself.
Ah, I saved money, and had a good day so far, so maybe I better not push my luck, all of you be safe out there, Sam & Donna...


  1. Your'e way ahead of me...I would have clenched my fists and screamed "DENNIS!!!!!!!"....then got a cup of java while I watched him fix it...Love the dog and puppies..our lab had 2 litters of pups..what fun!!

  2. Great picture of mom with her babies. They look so sweet.

    I agree with you about RVer's being good people. We have always had great experiences with fellow RV's when travelling. At least for the most part, there may have been one or two we have met that weren't now that I think about it, but the good ones make up for them.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. the blue screen of death!!..I had that lovely picture on our desktop computer last night!!..how weird is that!!..glad you got it fixed for now!!.and as for Rick..he is the MAN!!..he helped me yesterday with a blog/computer/viewing issue!!

  4. Our list of online RV friends is far greater than any list of friends we ever had in the non RV world. Some of the folks we have met & most of them we haven't. Not any real need to personally meet everyone......they're all right here living in my computer:))

  5. Hey Sam, I thought I heard some yelling and howling coming from the midwest US this morning! I just put my head under the covers and went back to sleep!!

    Good job on the recovery - excellent. If you run into any more problems, there is a little secret about XP that allows you to reinstall the OS and correct all problems without having to reformat the HD. It leaves all of your files, drivers and programs intact too. So, if you have any further problems, let me know, and I'll send you the instructions.

  6. Nice job with the computer. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment.

  7. You are certainly being productive. Do you think there will ever be a great WIndows operating system or will I have to lear Linux?


  8. Cool Sam!! I'm glad you were able to get your computer working again. I wouldn't have had a clue as to what to do. I'm with Donna, I would have yelled.....MIKE!!
    We certainly count you and Donna among our good RV friends (Riggs too). You are so right....RVers are the greatest!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  9. Wow! A total blue screen would have done me in! I would have had no idea what to do. Good for you! :)

  10. Good job on the computer. You're exactly right about RV'ers, especially those that blog, being good people.

  11. Soooooo....will that adorable light yellow lab puppy be moving in with Riggs?