Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

A short post today, coffee with my bride this morning, then a trip to Shop & Save,nothing much to do today felt guilty as I even got a nap this afternoon when I fell asleep watching a train movie. Rigg’s and Sadie played all day and are crashed on the rug.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Sometimes we all need those days. If you fell asleep during a train movie, you must have needed the rest!

  2. Uhhhhh......Sam? That's a great photo without the snow, but now it looks like you really need to get out there and get busy cleaning up all those leaves!! Maybe the snow is a lot easier to take. Hurry up and hit the road, find some sunshine and warm breezes!

    Seems like Arizona is really windy a lot. Same for Desert Hot Springs, and Palm Springs area. Florida and Texas don't sound too bad right now, if you can avoid the tornadoes and such.

    It's about the same weather here as you have, and frankly, we're tired of it and want to get some sun. I don't like working in the yard all the time!

    Today we got our new license plates for our Lazy Daze, Therapy. Now we just have to finish getting all the stuff we need and then loaded into the motorhome. The only problem is.....I'm not sure there will be any room left in there for us and the dogs! Maybe we need a bigger TOAD!

    Take care, and thanks again for showing us what it looks like there without all the snow!

  3. Are ya sure you want your bride to know ya fell asleep during the training movie you was a supposed to be a watching? Suppose she asks you do whatever you was a supposed to be a learning and ya can't do it. Was me, I wouldn't ever be admittin' I slept through one of Nilda's trainin' sessions.

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  5. Hope all is well with you Sam. Very unusual for you to have such a short post, but I fully understand the falling asleep. Just checked the maps and when we leave Tell City,Indiana in June or early July will try to make it close enough to your place so we can meet and have a lunch or supper together. I will contact you further when we know about what date we will be coming through. Stay safe.