Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Well we were up at the usual 04:30AM for coffee, my bride left for the truck company at 05:30AM. She also has the restaurant tonight, so I will be batching it.

Waited all day for the UPS truck but it was a no show, maybe they still haven’t resupplied the gal running the promotion yet. She did say this week though. I want to Thank everyone for there comments and if I didn’t already have you on the list I do now, I still only have about 50 names, so the odd’s are still good. I want to thank the followers that let me know not to put them in the pot, as that increases someone else’s chances. I have to admit I am anxious to receive these items as I have prepared the slips and I am going to have the drawing as soon as they arrive.

I also want to welcome two new followers to the Blog, JOHN KITE, and LINDA, I didn’t see blogs listed for them, so If you have one, please  leave me a note in my comments so I can pass it along, I also put an entry in the hat for you guys, and I hope you enjoy the antics of the bunch here at the Weeb Ranch..

Rigg’s has developed a taste for a couple of fingers full of the foam off the top of my first Miller High Life at night. Donna says that beer isn’t good for a dog, and I would imagine if they were to drink in excess like some humans do there livers and kidneys would suffer just like their human counter parts. If anyone had knowledgeable advice on this let me know. I have seen many tavern dogs that lived to a ripe old age, but I hate to cut him off if he enjoys it and it won’t hurt him. My son Andy has banned Sadie from a taste so I will honor his wishes.

That’s about it for today, sorry about being so late for posting. but I gave UPS until 06:00PM  before I gave up on them. I know I didn’t miss them as Sadie & Rigg’s were assigned to the UPS watch today.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Hopefully UPS will show up tomorrow - I suppose Riggs and Sadie will welcome him/her with enthusiastic barking. How neat that you got an email from Microsoft! Keep me in the pot because my S&T is an older version. I use it all the time in planning our travels - it's really great software.

  2. I am sure the dogs did a good job on UPS patrol! Have a good night, Sam.

  3. Christmas time already, or at least it seems to be, while you wait on the UPS truck Right! There is excitement in the air going around the old Web Ranch!

  4. I'm trying to catch up with everyone .... I read far too many blogs and have about 170 posts waiting for me.

    This is to remind you not to put me in the draw. Goodness knows if we would ever be able to use it and you certainly don't want to post it out to N.Z.

    If we lived in USA we would love this.


  5. Thanks for asking, I am one of your newer followers, Linda. Check out my blog if you get a chance: http://because-we-can-linda.blogspot.com/.

  6. Hope your package arrives this week as it sounds like you're all set for the big draw! I doubt a finger or two of foam a day will end up doing Riggs any harm at all - he's a pretty big boy!

  7. Some feller at the campground were a stayin' at told me about this couple of RVer's that had an alcoholic dog. Looks Like I found him and his bartender.

    Ya'll got a right nifty sight here and I.M. a plannin' to be a regular follower. Don't put me in on that street and trip thing you has a goin', as me and Nilda get lost enough without no additional help.