Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

It was a cold and cloudy Saturday morning with as the forecast said a chance of snow flurries or freezing rain. But I had made my promise to the kid’s and they were excited about seeing the Cars from Car’s. So about noon we set off for the St Louis Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood MO. When we got there we got a pleasant surprise and were told the admission fee had been waived as a requirement for the special event.

It was 35 degree’s and the minute we got in line which was maybe a hundred people, it started to snow, not flurry’s, real snow. by the time we reached the pavilion where the Cars were it was coming down pretty good.



The kid’s climbing on the rail cars before we got in line.


                             Waiting in line.


                         Mr.  Towmater.


              The star of the show, Lightening..


           As we were walking back to the truck..


The drive home. 17 miles, took one hour and a half and we passed two accidents. Average speed was 10-15mph.

I think they enjoyed themselves only a little grousing about the cold while in line, and that was forgotten once we got inside.They each received a nice white carry bag that had their names heat stamped on them, a nice touch paid for by Sate Farm Insurance Company.

They all went home happy, and Grandpa gave a sigh of relief and a Thanks God for getting my Grandkids home safe in the snowy weather. Now they are playing XBOX and it sounds like a pretty competitive game from here in the kitchen.

Oh and my mail had the DVD-RW drive I ordered for my laptop, I found out instead of $29.99, they charged me $26.99 and I put it in and tested it burning a data DVD and it works just fine. Only two days to be delivered.

Did somebody say it is March 26th in St Louis MO. and we have four inches of snow on the ground as I type this. Nobody told the Magnolia’s out front it wasn’t Spring yet.


Rigg’s and our Bradford Pear buds at 05:00PM.

Well that’s it from Dardenne Prairie MO. the snow capitol of the Midwest.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Hey Sam sorry to hear about your snow...BUT .. glad you have it and not us..LOL sorry

  2. Sounds like a great day for the kids! That is such a funny movie! :-)

    Sorry you had to deal with the snow but glad you all returned safely. Sure didn't look much like spring in your pics!

  3. Yikes! Hear we thought spring was on the way there! What a great thing to take the kid to today. Fun! We had a look at the Willcox Train depot today. Saw a Union Pacific go by with 5 units on the head end and 2 on the tail end!

  4. Whowsa, that's a lotta snow! But looks like you and grands had a great day anywho. More memories...can't have too many. Glad you all made it home okay. It's quiet at my house today - no Wii, no drums or piano, no giggles, no grands :((

  5. my oh my..thought spring was at your house already!..geesh..looks like a winterwonderland once again!..glad you all made it home safely!!..slow and steady is the best way to drive in the 'white stuff'..enjoy the rest of your weekend!!..Riggs looks like he is enjoying the snow once again!!

  6. You live on the wrong side of the state, we only had flurries over here in KC!!!

  7. Is this your pay-back for enjoying those earlier spring days? :) So happy to hear that you finally made it back safely from your adventure with Cars.

  8. A great day for you and the kids. Snoooooooow..... I guess it froze your ornamental trees. What a shame. Spring is here. I guess someone forgot to mention that to MO.

  9. Glad you had a great day with the kids and that you got home safe and sound. We are sure glad that when we had the snow going to our daughter's on Friday that it never got that bad for driving.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Wow - so thankful you all made it home safe.

    Now - promise me - all snow will be OUT OF THERE by mid May when we arrive.

  11. OMG I haven't been watching the news or weather lately and had no idea you were having snow. Quick, reduce the price of your house and get outta there!