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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Another nice day, Temp in the high 70’s a few clouds now and then, Even the trip to take Nicole to school in Augusta was in the 60’s which is warm for 07:00AM in the morning.
I went to the car wash and got the truck washed, and when I got back a big surprise, first Nicole only had a half day of school so he Mom had got her and brought her home, don’t know if I mentioned it but Nicole and her Mom Samantha , had to move in with us as her Mom & Dad are  leaving their house.
Anyway the UPS truck finally dropped off the software for the drawing, sorry for the long wait, but it was worth it.
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011, the blue boxes have a gps included, the green boxes are just the software.
The girl from Microsoft said that if you already had an older version  with the GPS. it will work just fine for the new version.
So what I did was I took the hat and had Nicole draw five winning slips, I listed the winners by their Blog names. In the order Nicole pulled their slips from the hat.
(1). GPS version. Travels with Kevin & Ruth
(2) GPS Version. The Cave Dwellers, Dennis & Donna Cave.
(3). Software Version Jodie, Coco, & Sandy, The Tempesta Labradors..
(4). Software Version. East Meets West, Phyllis & Len
(5). Software Version RVing Little House Big yard. Karen & Steveo Pfundler.
I was really happy and surprised by the winners, I follow all their blogs and I have one Canadian, well 4 if count the Labradors as Canadians. So it was an international event.
I had to laugh when she pulled that one as I had put a slip in for their owners in their blogs name and the dogs slip got picked.
It was really a lot of fun I am sure the lucky winners will enjoy their software and if you do, tell your other RV friends since that is the purpose of these promotions is to get the word out to others about a good trip making software. I promised the Girls that ran the promotion I would put a good word in my blog when I did the drawing so there it is. All you winners send me an e-mail to weeb@centurytel.net telling me where you want this software shipped and I will get it to the post office this week.
For the ones that didn’t make it this time, I wish you luck when Al-The Bayfield Bunch gets home and AL & Kelly have their drawing.
Well now that all the excitement is over I think I’ll celebrate with a Miller High Life Light, it’s almost Miller time here in Dardenne Prairie. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….



  2. Travels with Karen & Ruth?

    That name is awfully close to ours. Sure wish we would have won...


  3. LOL...oh, it is us! I thought I had been replaced. Thanks guys! Could have used it going through greater NYC today!


  4. I wanted to share this with you all. I posted this blog at 03:53PM, at 04:58PM I received this e-mail from Joani Jones at The Microsoft promotion. It is evident that Microsoft takes the RV blogging world serious and considers us a good market.

    Hi Sam and Donna,
    Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog post today announcing the Streets and Trips winners and I loved it! I am glad you could do something like that with your readers. Let us know if you need anything else!

    Really nice to get a nice reply before I had a chance to send her a copy of the post. Sam & Donna.

  5. Have them send you about 2 dozen more,,,then just maybe,,,maybe I would win one...Happy for all the winners...

  6. Hey, Hey, Hey This has turned into our lucky day. As I will post of my own blog, had a flat on the Fiver, check engine light is on in the Ford. But, tires are ordered, keeping fingers crossed on truck and now we are winners, not whiners.

    Just keep ours until we see you in May. Thanks!

    And envying you the 70's. In low 60's here but really windy.

  7. Glad you were able to finish your contest! The winners will love the new software.

  8. Congratulations to all your winners. What a fun thing to do.

    Sure wish we would get some of that warmer weather. Enjoy!

  9. congrats to all your 'winners' from a 'winner' from Rick's contest!..whoo hoo!!..nice way to share the wealth with all the loyal readers out there!!

  10. Well, we have our fingers crossed that our Streets & Trips will be waiting for us when we get home. We have already promised one copy to a couple of fellow Bayfield RV'ers. Another copy we will send to a Canadian RV couple we met this past winter & a third copy will go to another RV couple in Arizona. I think that might leave us 2 copies which I might have a little 'photo' contest for. We'll see:))