Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, March 4, 2011


Well I overslept this morning , and didn’t wake up until 06:00AM, Donna was long gone to work, Rigg’s was snoring away next to me, and even when I dressed and left the bedroom he stayed for another half hour nap, must be something in the water, as he usually hit’s the floor running when I head to the kitchen. Waited again all day for UPS, AL-THE BAYFIELD BUNCH, had a paragraph in his post today that he wrote to Joani Jones who is running the promotion for Microsoft, and she sent him an e-mail that they were still out of product and would be mailing some thus week, I had sent her one on Feb23rd and basically got the exact same e-mail response. so the drawing is on hold until they send the prizes.

I want to emphasize, that it should be worth waiting for because the bloggers that have been using the earlier versions say it is a great program, I have not used one since I have had several version of Delorme and up to now I haven’t had a GPS hitched up to the laptop. Supposedly these programs come with the GPS Module so I will be as anxious as the rest of you to test it with the laptop.

I just got back from Warrenton MO. after picking up Adam, we stopped for three of the basic essentials in the food chain at Shop & Save, Beer, Donuts, and Dog food, that ought to get us through the weekend all right.

For those of you that don’t have easy access to Grandkid’s, they provide a great excuse to have neat stuff in the house that you would probably not buy if they weren’t there.

Donna is at the Restaurant so it will be just Adam & I for pizza, night he said he might have some Mozzarella Stick’s too, is that my little Italian stallion or what.

That’s about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. It's soooo true what you buy for food when the grandkids are coming over...Believe it or not, Dennis and I can live cheaper on the road in the winter, than at home with the heat bills, grocery bills..etc...We REALLY noticed it this year, being home is expensive!! Dog lips kisses to your furry mutts.

  2. Too bad the MS Streets & Trips program has been delayed, but it'll be worth it when it does come. It does come with the GPS module as well so that's a good deal.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sure hope I win a MS Street & Trips I keep driving around my neighbor hood and getting lost..lol

    Have a good weekend..

  4. Can't wait to hear about your contest...we are very interested in the Microsoft Streets thingy.

    ? for you about your homemade pizza. I made pizza the other night and it was awful to say the least. The crust was okay, the way we like it a little on the deep side but the toppings left a lot to be desired. I put the sauce on the crust, then pepperoni, sliced bell peppers and mushrooms. Then smothered it in mozz cheese. The vegis were kinda hard, the cheese didn't melt but the crust was good. Help please....

  5. Beer, donuts, and dog food sounds like three major food groups to me!

    Italian Stallion?? Hey, Adrian!! :)

  6. Sam, you've got your priorities all wrong on your shopping list. Anybody with a dog knows that the first thing on the list is always DOG FOOD!
    Then, if there is any time and money left, you can buy all the rest. Donuts are best if they are apple fritters, or maple bars, or maybe old fashioned, or perhaps chocolate covered. That's the problem with donuts, you can never decide which ones to get, so you need to buy a bunch of them!

    We'll be anxious to hear your comments regarding MS Streets & Trips once you receive it.

    Stay warm, have a great weekend.

  7. Haven't had a donut in ages. DQ Blizzards - not that's a different story!