Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

First off the mark. Welcome to a new Follower. CAROL KERR, didn’t see a blog of theirs listed so if you have one let us know. Hope you enjoy  following the daily routine and sometimes not so routine of the Weeb Ranch as we work our way to full-timing and for now trips in our 5th wheel. If you are dog lovers, Rigg’s and Sadie will keep you hopping like they do us.
Got some news, Joani at Microsoft sent me an E-mail saying they have had a delay in receiving their product, but that she had 3 GPS version and 3 Regular versions of Streets and trips on her desk and if that would work for us, she would get them in the mail (UPS). I replied right away that that would be fine since it is a free offer and I am having them used as prizes in a raffle for my blog readers  aside from one GPS version I will try on my laptop, and anything would promote their product. So maybe the beginning of next week we can go forward with the drawing, sorry for the delay, I was beginning to worry the offer had been canceled.
Adam is kind of bumming, his buddies next door have school because the local school district, just like Nicole’s, cancelled spring break, because they used up more snow days this winter than the three they usually offer. So he is left without playmates until 04:00PM, no matter him and Rigg’s found a way to kill some time.Adam & Rigg's03-15-11a
                  MY two boys..Luv em both..
Got some good news for a change, yesterday when I was leaving Warrenton MO. after picking Adam up, the speedometer on my truck started reading like twice the speed, at 30 it would read 65, at 70 it would read 120.
So this morning I went to Auto Zone where my buddy Dan was working, he is a real wizz with the new stuff, so I told what it was doing, and I said I don’t think it’s the VSS module (Vehicle speed sensor) because you can still use the cruise by looking at the GPS and locking it in so the computer is getting a speed signal, he asked if the transmission was shifting bad and the motor revving up higher before it shifted and I said , no it’s driving normal. That’s when he said then you can rule out the VSS.
Another mechanic from a shop was standing there and said sounds like it’s in the in the instrument cluster dash, the only place to take it is to the Chevy Dealer, they pull the cluster out and send them out to be remanufactured, he said it costs around $120 for the rebuild and the dealer gets 4 hours labor for removing and installing the dash, so it’s gonna run about $400.
I asked if removing the positive cable from both batteries would clear any faults in the computer & Prom.He said he thought my truck (2004) had a back-up module, but it wouldn’t cost nothing to try it. So I borrowed the battery wrench and disconnected both batteries, Let them sit through a coffee and some good car talk. Then I put it back together. I fired it up and Bingo, the speedometer went to zero, and it worked just fine on the way home.
Just what I needed one less, stress of where is the money gonna come from. Some days are better than others and saving money is always good.
That’s about it for today, Hey AL-THE BAYFIELD BUNCH maybe your software will be waiting for you when you get back to your place in Bayfield.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. A black lab makes the. best pillow in the world!


  3. It's the opposite here Annie our lab use's us as her pillow.

  4. Ain't it funny how we ia always bein' lead to believe that them computers is smarter than we is, and old Sam outsmarts them all. Sam The Man fer sure.

  5. Any day that you can save money is a GOOD day in my book.

  6. Don't think Emma would hold still to be a pillow for anyone!! :)

  7. Great picture of Adam and Riggs.

    Glad to hear you're software is on the way and you can get your contest going.

    Also, good question on my blog last night re XP. I've answered it in my tomorrow morning's post o.k. as I know a lot of folks would be interested! Thanks for the question.

  8. That picture of Adam and Riggs is really cute. So glad your speedometer had such an easy fix. Wouldn't it be nice if all our problems had such simple solutions?

  9. Glad you got your speedomter worked out yourself without having to hand over piles of money! Always nice to save it for more fun things.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Rusty would be licking Adam's face and jumping all over him. Can't wait for the puppy stage to be over.