Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, March 25, 2011


Another up early day, After Donna left for the truck company I read some blogs on the computer and at 0:645AM Nicole and I headed for Augusta Mo. to take her to school, It was snowing and about an inch was on the ground when we left. So much for spring, It stayed wet and cold all day never got above 40 degrees.
I went to get Nicole at 02:45PM as soon as she was in the truck we headed for Warrenton MO. to pick up Adam, and then we we got home Chris was already there so all three Grandkids are here for the weekend.
It’s FRIDAY, Pizza night at the Weeb Ranch, see that large PA style pizza, These three kids took no prisoners and about 3 pieces remained after they were done, luckily Grandpa got two pieces. A pizza is 12 slices. Pretty good sized slices at that.
God love em nothing like three hungry kids and it does your heart good to watch them eat and enjoy it. They all were members of Grandpa’s clean plate club today.
Tomorrow I have surprise for them, the cars and characters from the kid’s movie Cars will be at the Museum of Transport this weekend, so I will take them to see them.Pictures should be forthcoming.
Not much else going on I will have a constant rush around the family room and the hallway most of the night but I don’t mind, the dogs love it and scamper back and forth following every move the kid’s make.
Everyone have a great weekend, I know we will, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. You are a super grandfather and they are lucky "grands." I KNOW you will have a great weekend.

    That pizza sure looks delicious!!

  2. Nothing like a few grandkids around to brighten up your day.

  3. Have fun tomorrow! Yum, that pizza looked good! I want some too!!!! John is also saying TGIF. It was a hard week at work.

  4. That pizza looked great so I'm not surprised it was all gone! Should be a fun day at the museum with the Cars.

  5. How nice for the grandkids that you truly enjoy having them with you for the weekend!

  6. Sam, the pizza looked very good. I would be right there with the grandkids “digging in”. If I were there, I think you would have me tagging along to see the “Cars” characters too. Looking forward to the “Cars” pictures.


  7. Our grandkids only live 20 miles away, but now that they are all in school, we dont' see as much of them...That pizza was award winning!...and boy do I wish we could go see them thar Cars...I like Mater and Doc!!!

  8. Sam, yer livin' proof that the best thing bout bein' a kid is havin' a grandpap like you.

  9. Your grandkids are lucky to have you, Sam. Pizza sounds good. We havn't had any for a while.

  10. pizza? my sin of choice - lucky buggers... glad you all had a blast

  11. What very fortunate grandkids!