Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, March 11, 2011


Friday started with coffee with the bride and then my nap with the two mutso’s, they wait on the bed until Donna leaves for work and then go back to sleep, this afternoon right after lunch I went to get Adam, he only had a half a day of school. so I got him early. when I got out to his house his asked if Grandpa would look at the AK-47 assault bb gun he got for Christmas, a bracket had broken off and the top wouldn’t stay on. I said sure bring it home with us.
I was able to reassemble it and tape the top so now if I can find the manufacturer and get a parts list I might be able to order the right part and fix it like new. It is operable and no worries of any Taliban bunnies around the Weeb Ranch as Adam is ready for them.
                        Adam & his BB rifle.
Actually Adam is only allowed to take it out with Grandpa or his Dad, or it is locked up with his Dad’s and Grandpa’s guns. It is pretty neat with a full-semi autu switch and it can pour the bb’s out. He ran out in just a short time so I know what will be on the next Wal-Mart list.
Were waiting for Nicole and Chris to arrive and then tonight will be Pizza night, The kid’s always are ready for a pizza.
Still waiting also to hear from the auto parts store for the front drive axle for my truck, I’d like to get the bad one off and replaced this weekend I just hate the noise and I don’t want it to fly apart. it’s not like the old 4x4’s where you could unlock the hubs and only the hub and wheel would turn.
Got to just about 60 degrees this afternoon , but it still seemed a little cool, not a lot of sun and a slight breeze.
Nothing much more going on, Adam is waiting for the other kids and Dad is relaxing. It’s another restaurant night for Donna. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Love the bb gun picture and the bunny comment! Also, the picture of your home with no snow is driving me nuts as we still have several feet on the ground and piles of it 20 feet high in places. Can we say "flood" this Spring?

  2. I remember all of my brothers starting out with bb guns and graduating to pellet, then single shot riffles. They also had sling shots somewhere in there. Brought back good memories seeing Adam with his. He looks like a very responsible boy and I know his Grandpa his teaching him the right way. Good for you Sam..

  3. They never had BB guns like that when I was a kid. My brother had a single shot pellet gun. I remeber us shooting at paper targets. Wow, that was so long ago.

    Kevin and Ruth